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Alone in the Dark


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Very Good

Not As Alone As You Might Think

posted by wadeinwate (DISTRICT HEIGHTS, MD) Jul 2, 2008

Member since Apr 2007

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Let me start by saying this game is currently getting unfair reviews. If your a fan of great action sequences, strategy puzzles, and new game play elements then this is a game you should try. I Give it 7.5-8.

The only huge flaw in this game is the controls. Players new to gaming or new to games of this nature (i.e- Resident Evil type) will more than likely not like this game. The buttons feel out of place and do not flow naturally. Every time you shoot you have to zoom in to first person and then back out again when you are done. The whole first and most of the second episode are basically the tutorial phase of the game and are the most difficult to get through. Most of the negative reviews for this game come from people who have not made it past the first two episodes. The control scheme is that complex that it takes about two episodes to see and try everything. There are also different controls from when you go from third person to first person. The game also has a few glitches, mainly in the driving sequences, but no more than most other games.
The storyline is nothing spectacular or epic but it drives the game along fairly smooth.

This game is visual gorgeous to look at. Enemies are very detailed and drawn out. There AI is well above par and at time will have you running looking for ammo and weapons because they out smarted you.
The game also plays and feels like an action / horror film. Even the load screens play like you are watching a episode of 24 or Lost. The game has more than a few moments where you will be like WTH just happen (in a good way). AITD offers so many new and intriguing game play element that if you stick it out, you can't help but be entertained. The combination of weapons you can create based on your inventory is amazing.

If your a fan of survival horror and are not intimidated by a complex control scheme and glitched driving sequences then this game is for you. Also RENT over Buy (no replay val

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not for everyone

posted by templarkin (new york, NY) Dec 5, 2011

Member since Jul 2007

4 out of 4 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

I think this is possibly one of the best games I have played. With a very creepy feel, brilliant story and
enviroment that as a NY'er I can attest to is flawless. I remember playing it when you are running/driving through Central Park, and saying I've been there, and I know that spot.
The controls are a bit sticky though and that I believe is the reason why so many reviewers have not been too kind. But, if you want a good challenge DO rent this masterpiece

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Alone in the Dark- a lesson to be learned

posted by 21stCDB (KNOXVILLE, TN) Jun 28, 2008

Member since Jun 2008

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While I play all genres of games, survival horror is probably my favorite. I, like everyone else, have been anxiously looking forward to this game's release.

AitD sets new standards and is intrepid in many ways, but is virtually unplayable. It is gorgeous visually and in essentially every other way, and the possibilities in game play are vast. However, there are two major flaws that virtually butcher the game.

First, the controls have an awful lag, so quick reactions are inaccurate and unreliable. No, it is not my system or TV, both function perfectly with every other game. Second, the camera angles force the player to randomly switch between first and third person mode just to move properly or get a decent view/angle. The second problem could be tolerated if the first were not so detrimental.

IGN, gamespot, etc. have often criticized the controller setup of the game. I think this criticism is unmerited, the design seems perfectly reasonable for its purpose. The real problem with the controls is the lag, and this muddy movement essentially destroys the game. It is difficult to fight or move appropriately with such a slow response time, making game play far more challenging for no good reason.

This game is a stunning example of what could be created for next-gen systems. At the same time, it is a tragedy, because the game could have been a masterpiece had minor flaws been corrected. What a waste. The lesson to be learned is USE GAME TESTERS APPROPRIATELY.

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