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Alone in the Dark - Inferno


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Also on:PS2, Wii, Xbox 360
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Very Good


posted by FearIsOblivion (STATEN ISLAND, NY) Nov 6, 2014

Member since Oct 2014

Alright, i read all the reviews for this game on gamely, i have to say some actually hurt.

People are mostly complaining about the "Realism" in the game, such as flicking the right analog stick back and than forward to melee... and i found that feature amazing.

See, what i don't understand is people complain games aren't realistic enough, but than when they are they complain it's too realistic.
Yet' i still see comments about "You should just press square" and i recently read a review on Watch Dogs where they complained about only pressing square...

Here is my intake on the game.. it's fantastic, i've played games like RE5 or The Evil Within where they hold so much ammo and weapons, they pull rocket launchers out of no where..

-Edward Carnby uses his intellect to craft whatever he finds lying around to survive.
-The game itself, exactly like a television show, stuck on a certain part? Fast Forward, easy, you lose out on the trophy for the chapter but get to enjoy the story.
-Yes, his jacket can only hold so much, so yes unfortunately you will have to miss out on some desirable loot, or discard something you are currently holding.
-Yep, you guessed it, when in a gun fight it brings you into first person for greater accuracy and precision.
-Correction, for PS3 the game has very little glitches, or lags, 360 on the other hand... i will openly admit i couldn't get passed the first car scene with my car somehow flipping over.. or losing a tire midway through.

So you see, it's not as blake and horrid as everyone makes it to be.
also if you follow the story you do learn the history and origin of all the characters.
This is second on my "Game Q" and i am ready to platinum it a second time.

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Blaze's Review

posted by Leo_the_Lion25 (SAINT LOUIS, MO) Aug 16, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

Boring freaking game. The trophies are boring to get too and it's not a 10 hour platinum like others say it is. Puzzles are hard to figure out and needs youtube to pass them. The controls even freaking suck and are worst than Iron Man 2's controls. Stay away from this game because it's not worthy of to even platinum it. I sent this game right back at only 43/50 trophies earned and I wasted about 30 hours of gameplay for the last few trophies which I didn't get.

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storyline saves the day again

posted by Jmac1928 (WHITTIER, CA) May 22, 2012

Member since May 2012

Don't let my 5 rateing discredit this game too much, "Alone in the dark, inferno" does come at you with a very compeling storyline. In fact the story is what kept me going through all the horrible combat. Word to all the video game developers out there having the right joy stick be the control for swinging weapons is just a disaster please if your thinking of useing that as a combat mechanic just have a small case of amnesia and forget it. Good things about the game include the combining of different items to make new/stronger weapons, a well explained and displayed objective menu/map, and overall creepy factor which gives it that horror movie type feel which if your like me totaly keeps you on the edge of your seat especially while playing at night with the light off :). Overall the strong storyline and creepy factor is what saves this game.

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