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Alone in the Dark - Inferno


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Fairly Surprising

posted by Ravenx (SALT LAKE CITY, UT) Dec 8, 2008

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Before I picked this game up I had already heard enough negative feedback on it that I was hesitant of even picking it up. Being the survival horror fan that I am, I felt obligated to give it a shot.


First, this is no survival horror game. It felt more like a disaster movie with monsters. Central Park gets cut-off but great chasms from the rest of New York City. You play the unfortunate Edward Carnby, who has no idea who he is. The character build-up is poor to say the best. You don't get to know any of the characters by the time the game ends.

Second, the game is buggy as can be. When your driving around, the game will get choppy at times. It does this especially when you are traveling at high speeds. The combat system is bad too. You have to ready your action before you can attack with melee weapons and in first person mode you move at half-speed.


The story overall wasn't bad if it didn't feel rushed or so rusty. A little bit more fine-tuning and it could have panned out pretty well. At least it wasn't a generic monster or evil corporation story type.

The inventory system, though a little slow to work with is pretty cool. I liked the whole combining standard items into useful ones. Sticky molotov cocktails are a clear favorite. Flashlight was handy in parts but overall not necessary to the game. You rarely ever were truly walking around in the dark.

I give this game a 5/10 because it was a fair game. It was better than my initial expectations and entertained me at moments. Like I said earlier it is buggy even after the few months in between the early release on the XBox 360 and other consoles to this one. You would think that they would be able to clean it up a little bit. If they did, then wow this game was really bad before the PS3 release.

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Alone in The Dark is interesting

posted by Ekuriox (FORT WORTH, TX) Nov 22, 2008

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Alone in The Dark is a very interesting game, you would like this game if you enjoy games like Resident Evil by Capcom or the game Siren from the PSN network.

The Atari Studio, eden has made a very complex game that revolved a whole lot into the games ambient elements, physics, and many other realistic attributes. The graphics are stunning and physics of fire is very realistic. The Player's motion and damage which has made this game very difficult, until you get use to it, is very realistic as well. Alone in The Dark really takes time to adjust to it, and you might not like it at all if you are not a very patient gamer. The entire world of Alone in The Dark has various obstacles that will leave you running back an forth in belief you forgot to do something and leaving you hoping the game displays a tip for you.

Several cool aspects is being able to taper things together to make various sorts of explosive, weapon modifications, being able to hot wire cars, able to blow up locked doors, being able to bait and lure demons to you, very Intelligent A.I., and/or using the ambient world elements of like fire, electricity, and light to get rid of any demons that are baring a obstacle around you.

This is a top notch game if you like very difficult games that you have to pay attention to the world around you and love to encounter a ton of different obstacles. Other then just needing to get use to the difficult motion of the character, this game is worth a try, because the story is riveting, the world detail is awesome, and you never really do much of the same thing over and over. Watching the fire move and turn what ever it touches to hot ambers is very amazing game detail.

Alone in The Dark, will not be for everyone, but is great fun, interesting story, amazing detail, Brilliant A.I., and keeps the player busy with almost always something new to endeavor.

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Don't judge it by its controls or demo...

posted by hangman806 (BRONX, NY) Apr 7, 2009

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because that's what I did, and I wasn't even going to rent this game at first but I did anyway. Turns out once you get passed the beginning the controls don't matter much because you mostly use firearms and other (creative) items.

BUT what made this game so enjoyable was its story, sure everything else is mediocre but the story kept me up and the ending..well you'll find out.

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