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All-Pro Football 2K8

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gotta do this

posted by heroporter (LOS ANGELES, CA) Jul 19, 2007

Member since Mar 2007

17 out of 25 gamers (68%) found this review helpful

To make up for all those idiotic ratings for this game I had to give it a 10 just to bring it up where it should be and thats about a high 8 or low 9. I don't see why the biggest complaints of this game are the graphics they are good actually they are phenominal way beyond what ps2 or xbox could ever do the sidelines are extremely detailed right along with the stadiums and the faces of most the legends are dead on its scary maybe these people just need full 1080p HD tv's I dunno?

All I can say is if this game had the dumb license it would blow madden away in every category This is 2k's first time out on next gen The presentation and commentary is light years beyond Madden it's really disgusting. Madden just can't get it right. Just all the little details like. Turf flying up the air, sideline catches, strong AI, Just everything, Everything that you hate about madden is fixed on this A shame they really can't compete since they just don't have current real players oh well by the time that dumb exclusive contract is up This will be the football game for all to be playing.

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Very Good

2k Is Back

posted by denny417 (GLEN ELLYN, IL) Jul 17, 2007

Member since Jun 2006

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Finally what we have all been anxiously waiting for has finally come and is the game we all wanted.You first start off the game by picking your legends you pick 2 gold star players(Walter Payton,Dan Marino,Jon elway) 3 silver star players(Mike Ditka,Ickey Woods,Randal Cunningham)and 6 bronze stars(Andre Ware,Bernie Kosar,Bill Wade, Bobby Herbert,Bubby Brister,Dave Krieg)Ok so I picked only 11 stars what about the other 11 players? Well 2k using there heads didn't want an entire team stacked with legends so the other 11 are generated names with no great abilities. Well Im not much of a football guy, how do i no which legends are better that others? In this game 2k has dropped the rating system and put in an ability system. Like a QB could have pocket presence, gunner on the run. well if they have more abilities the more likely they will help your team. Ok so ive picked my team im just wondering about the other 11 players the no names can they do anything? Well on defense you can choose players to be good pass defense or rush defense,same with the offensive line,But try not have no names for wr especially QB because those players are gonna put up numbers like Rex Grossman and Randy Moss did this year. Your done with you players now it is onto the stadium,logo,and uniforms. When creating your logo no need to worry you have a least 100 different logos to chose from so you will have no problem finding one. Thats the easy part now for the fun and creative part. You control whether your team looks absolutely ridiculous or shockingly scary.With tons of colors to choose from you can make your team look exactly like your nfl team. Dont worry about the stadiums which ever one you like pick. Finally the gameplay to get the most out of this game Get xbox live Single player is one season no franchise. in xbox live the team you chose in the beginning is the team going out on the field in live. season is not horrible but it will get boring after awhile.Buy it its that good.

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great start up franchise for 2k

posted by quint27 (INDIANAPOLIS, IN) Jul 20, 2007

Member since Apr 2007

4 out of 6 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

this is a great game. i can't wait for the that stupid agreement with madden expires!!

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