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All-Pro Football 2K8

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wow. great game.

posted by macsmiff (ENDICOTT, NY) Sep 14, 2010

Member since Jun 2006

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this game is great. it'd be even better if it had nfl teams, but unfortunately 2k doesnt have the nfl license :( overall this game is an absolute 10!! this is REAL football!!!!!!! madden is terrible and 2k football kicks azz.

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Very Good

All-Pro Start for 2K football on Next Gen Systems!

posted by Funfactor (Cypress, CA) Jul 18, 2007

Member since Sep 2005

30 out of 41 gamers (73%) found this review helpful

Even Madden fanatics such as myself cannot ignore this one! Having grown up watching Payton, E. Smith, Rice, Elway and especially Joe Montana, what's better than being able to play as them. The game plays great with an excellent playbook running on the staple NFL 2K engine many have loved for years. The league is small but doesn't deter from the enjoyment of the football games played. You begin by selecting 11 (all-pro) players while the rest of the team will be selected for you. After that, select your team name, logo, stadium, and uniforms then it's on to the first game of the season. The lack of an NFL license does not take away from the fun and feel of true football and playing as the past legends of the game can be more fun in many ways than with current players. This game is a blast to play and all fans of the Madden or 2k series shouldn't miss it!

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Very good for being MIA for 3 years

posted by oneman (HAMPTON, VA) Jul 21, 2007

Member since Nov 2006

10 out of 13 gamers (77%) found this review helpful

First and foremost...i read a couple reviews of some of the lower ratings and i must honestly say, you people have it all wrong. Granted the graphics aren't spectacular but they are nice. I'll compare this game to madden since thats what everyone really wants anyway. This game is not about bringing a team 30 years dwn the line seeing how it lacks the franchise mode. 2K made it quite clear though that where would they get the draftees from since they cannot take from the college level neither since EA has snatched up those rosters exclusively as well. Anyway, you start the game making up your own team of legends choosing only so many, the game randomly fills the rest of your roster but remember this, your random players ARE NOT scrubs.They are very useful as a matter of fact. There was someone on here saying the CPU gets 3 gold star players that is not true they probably mistook it for bronze. Or they may be madden fanboys which is probably true to most of the low rating people trying to make this game sound far, very far from that. Moving on the online play is superb and thats something EA cannot get down for some reason. Lets get into gameplay...If you are looking (as i) for playing a game of football (via console) as realistiically as possible you've got to pick this up. The animations are picture perfect, very realistic tackling and in air hits. Not too many cheesy plays to exploit, quarterbacking is very very realistic, you have celebrations, real-time injuries, very good halftime show where they re-cap the whole first half with highlights of the plays you actually did. I can't put everything this game has (all the cool stuff very realistic things) in this review as i tried and i ran out of space. Email me if you want to hear about all the outstanding gameplay. The biggest con is the lack of franchise though. the biggest pro is realism...something madden does have but no where near this much...i love it...

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