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GF Rating


I Couldn't Ask For A Better Game

posted by PRED4life (KEENE, NH) Feb 23, 2010

Member since Oct 2008

Alright, I'm going to be honest, this game is easily one of the greatest games I've ever played, Hands Down. I have AVP2 for the pc, and I was worried that this game would let me down. I was so wrong! The gameplay is fun, addicting, and entertaining. The Campaigns are very, very fun. The Marine campaign is un-nerving (for some people), suspenseful, and feels very much like a 1st person shooter/survival game. It may seem a little repetitive to some people, but I thought it was fun. The weapons are very cool, and getting into melee battles are intense. And, to be honest, Playing the Marine campaign with almost no lights on at twelve at night kinda freaked me out. The Predator campaign awesome. Cutting the aliens faces off and ripping out peoples skulls out (with the spinal-cord still attached) is very entertaining. I liked the campaign, it is very stealth-orientated. The Alien campaign is pretty sweet too. It's fun sneaking up on people and implaing then on your tail, or shooting your tongue-thing through their skulls. The only thing that is semi-annoying about playing as the alien is the movement system. It can be extremely confusing, and takes some practice to get the hang of, but once you become familiar, you'll have a good time. Multiplayer is, in my opinion, the best I've ever played. I usualy never really play on xbox live, but After beating the campaigns, it's all I do on this game! I have two minor complaints about the multiplayer; sometimes, when your waiting for a match, it takes a long time to find one, also, the game get's kind-of laggy. Other then that, the multiplayer is fantastic! If you've played games like Halo: ODST, Gears Of War 2, COD: WAW, etc... you're problably familiar with game modes liek horde, firefight, N-zombies, etc... well, AVP brings survivor mode to the table. It is very amazing. It's very intense and fun to play, especially with other people. Over-all, I give this game a 10 for a great story, great graphics and great gameplay. Buy it!

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GF Rating


okay game if you can get into a match

posted by IndIka123 (HILLSBORO, OR) Feb 21, 2010

Member since Oct 2009

Game can be fun, especially Infestation. However I am already done playing the game because it takes 20 minutes to find a match, and they last 5 minutes. Way too much down time. I cant ever stay in a match either. After the round it kicks every one out every time.. total mind frick.

I didnt play much of the single player.. nothing new or special there. All in all I would say the game sucks. Good effort though.

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Good game. Not great. Alot of room for improvement

posted by Mad2k10 (MEMPHIS, TN) Feb 20, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

AVP is a good fun game but nothing groundbreaking. With all the material from two of the biggest sci fi franchises ever, you would expect a more solid and sophisticated game with a better story. Its dumbed down a bit but despite that its still a fun game to play. The graphics are solid but nothing that is going to wow you. The gameplay and controls are probably the most problematic aspect of AVP. Especially if your playing the alien or predator campaign. Alot of repetitive sneaking and stealth play with very disjointed movement and clunky controls which ultimately doesnt make you feel like a menacing alien or a brute predator. I personally think the Marine campaign is the strongest of the three so my review will solely focus on that. And since I never played the original Ive been waiting years to fire a pulse rifle.

The best thing about this game is the presentation. The developers did a good job of creating a dark and tense atmosphere. Your constantly anticipating the motion sensor to go off. The action keeps you on your toes. I found that trying to kill xenomorphs is almost like trying to swat flies. They move very quickly and its very hard to get clean hits on them due to the poor targeting system. Frustrating but in a sense maybe realistic. But not by design though. The controls takes a bit away from the experience and is too dependant on the melee block to kill most targets.

If your a fan you will definitely like and appreciate the true to the source nature of the game. The mutiplayer is very decent and its definitely worth a rental but the lack of depth, features and replay value doesnt make it much of a purchase. Im never for trying to put three games into one. I think it would be a much better experience creating an entire game from one narrative. Thats why im looking forward to Aliens: Colonial Marines if it will still be made. I give this game a 6.5. Should be alot better but fun for what its worth.

Graphics: 7
Presentation: 7
Gameplay: 6

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