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Close, but not quite there

posted by tjsmoke (NORTHAMPTON, PA) Feb 19, 2010

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"Aliens vs. Predator" should have been great. The films have become iconic to fans, though the two films which get these two together are less than stellar, while still being somewhat enjoyable. Which sums up this game: Less than perfect, but still some fun to be had. There's a fair amount of gameplay spread over the three campaigns (about 12-15 hours), and each has its moments as well as its problems. The overall story is fairly thin, all three do tie together in the end, but story isn't the driving force behind playing this game. It's blasting monsters, and playing as said critters is the game's main draw. It does succeed to a point on that level, but not without a few flaws which mar the experience. In the Marine campaign, you play a rookie trying to keep up with your fellow squadmates, but you're mostly on your own as you wander through darkened halls and thick jungles. It's those dark hallways where this game works best- you really get the feel of being alone in a hostile place where nasty things want you dead. You have access to a nice range of weaponry, but ammo can be scarce, and you will blow through ammo quickly. A lack of iron sights to aid in aiming makes it hard to hit your target. Other than that, the controls are pretty much standard FPS stuff. The sound is perfect, with the motion detectors sounding as they did in the films. As the Alien, you play a test subject branded 6. The Alien has only melee attacks, and speed is its best asset. That speed also can prove disorienting when you're running along walls and ceilings. Controls are a bit slippery here, as one wall will let you run up it while the one next will not. The Predator, oddly enough, comes off the weakest. While you have some neat gadets, the game forces you to rely more on melee attacks than your weapons. Stealth is your best option. Overall, graphics are decent, though there is some framerate slowdown. Sound is dead on, but controls can be iffy. Close, but I'd try before you'd buy.

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The good, the bad, and those freaking discs.

posted by YajiaGamer (CHIEFLAND, FL) Mar 19, 2012

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I'm guessing you've already read about the story mode, (wich I thought was awesome). So, I'm here to tell you about all those big, BIG problems with the online portion of the game. Here is how an online match in Aliens vs Predator will often go. The Predators all grab the disc, wich means, the Aliens can't get near them, and by this point the marines have already rage quit because theykept dying. As you can see, there are some balancing issues here. The Predator weapons range from useless, (spear) to EXTREMLY over powered (smart disc). The Marine weapons would have been good, if you could aim, that is. The sniper rifle is the only weapon that you can aim with (being a Call of Duty player, this anoys me a lot). The Aliens have no ranged attacks at all, even though we are CLEARLY told, by the movie Alien 3, and the story mode of THIS GAME, that they can spit there acid blood (or at least the dog aliens can). So, being lacking in the range department, the Aliens don't stand much chance against that Disc-Useing-Predator I was talking about earlier, because they can't get close to do a melee attack. Speaking of wich, the melee in this game, though a good idea on the chalk-board, didn't work out well in game. It goes like this, R1 is light attack, wich can't brake through a block, wich is R1 and L1, and L1 is heavy attack, wich is slow, but it does break through blocks. It's simple as that right? Well... actualy... NO! You see, the problem stems from the fact that the light attack, wich is also used to deflect heavy attacks, MOVES TO SLOW. If the enemy isn't standing right in front of you it, SLOWS DOWN THE ATTACK, there fore, getting you killed. And also... the heavy attack has the most inconsistant range I have ever seen. You will actualy get killed from a separate floor. However, even with the horible melee, if you play a game with a group of friends, who won't use stupid tactics you will still have a lot of fun. I'm basing my rating on that alone.

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Alien vs Predator

posted by Ekuriox (FORT WORTH, TX) Feb 18, 2010

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This game is a great first person shooter. If you liked the F.E.A.R. series, The Chronicles of Riddick:Assault on Dark Athena, or Half Life 2. You would really find this game awesome. The title has a lot of quick paced shooting and with close-corridors combat(melee) that is very fun.

The story doesn't have anything to do with the Movies, other then the Aliens, Predators, and Space Marines. The style of the story/character interaction is something you may have seen in few movie but you will never find the story routine in many First person games. You are given the opportunity to play as the Soldier, Alien, or Predator; each character has its own story but the story all intersects with the final outcome of the game.

Space Marine: You an your squad are to respond to a distress signal on an colonised planet that is used for mining.

Aliens: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, the bullets from the breakfast can hurt.

Predator: You are at the age where it is time for you to set upon trial too learn the ways of the most fiercest hunter in all the universe. A fallen one has called for help and you are to find what has come of him.

There isn't anything different from the older computer versions of the title. SEGA did a fantastic job. The single player is very suspenseful and exciting. The only (multiplayer) aspect they left out was spawning out of an alien egg and infecting a unsuspecting soldier.
Team-deathmatch: with all speicies.

Deathmatch: with all speicies.

Domination: a capture and hold positions with all species.

Hunt the predator: which is soldiers are too kill the predator and whom ever kills the predator, becomes the predator.

Infestation: A alien is selected from the gamers. As soldiers/everyone get killed by aliens; everyone will respawn as aliens.

A well balanced game, with a great story, graphics, and sound that will make you jump at shadows.

Only thing I did not like was the short story(s).

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