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GF Rating

Above Average

Great atmosphere, blah gameplay

posted by shtkn001 (SAN DIEGO, CA) Nov 22, 2011

Member since Aug 2006

The game truly captures the feelings of the Aliens movies in a 2D sidescroller, but the gameplay is a very watered down version of metroid and gets repetitive very quickly due to the gameplay being very one dimensional (hold shoot and walk backwards to avoid damage). Also, it's a very short game, which I suppose is a good thing since the gameplay would have gotten very boring had they tried to pad out the game more.

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GF Rating


Aliens: Infestation DS

posted by raptorgame (MONMOUTH JUNCTION, NJ) Oct 15, 2011

Member since Feb 2008

Great gameplay, great graphics, fair challenge, and a game I think fans of the Alien Quadrilogy or Dead Space shouldn't be without. But there are some concerns I have. As a start, you start without a map, and less gear. Well, that's not too concerning. But, from our experiences, as the player collects more gear and pass cards, they get the ability to explore more of the ship. The one thing that actually concerns me is how the player can only carry one main weapon and the only way to change weapons is in the save room. I'm surprised that the creators remembered that the aliens use molecular acid for blood and used the original sound for the chestburster. The part when the chestbursting occurs or the tounge thing is used is seen pretty much only once. Each boss battle cause the loss of one, two, or three marines. Afterwars it takes at least a few minutes to find new recruits. But still, I think this game is worth it.

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