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Not as great as promised

posted by THEPFAT (KEY LARGO, FL) Feb 13, 2013

Member since Mar 2008

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With the time in development the original cast members that returned and the hand in hand deal with 20th century fox this game should have been EPIC....alas yet another bad installment for the cursed Alien franchise. This game honestly is comparable to Duke Nukem Forever. I am a HUGE Alien nerd and wanted to believe this was better than the reviews were saying. In the first (yes, the FIRST) opening scene the framerate was causing skipping and jitters...the Characters were losing detail and showing pixelation and were talking like a B-Rate godzilla movie. When I was looking at the table where Bishop did his amazing knife trick I noticed the clutter on the floor was floating about two inches above ground and the shadows reflected this "height". The Scenes are very well put together as far as environment. However when you look closely at a gauge on the wall it lack any detail. The Aliens look cool and the glowing acid blood as you riddle them with bullets is sweet but the Aliens lack ANY "intelligence" (IE. "They killed the lights...") They simply run at you full bore screaming in droves and droves....and when I say "run" I am being generous. They kinda run/float and bump into things. Sometimes they even just stop and stare at you. When they get close to you, you can punch them and stumble them. Seriously...PUNCH an Alien.... The AI for the Marines is clunky as well. They kind of stumble around and get attacked. Gearbox outsourced some development with a company called Timebox studios who has a lackluster past. "The first two Alien films are steeped in mystery and anxiety, qualities all but absent in developer Gearbox's lackluster interpretation. Instead, Aliens: Colonial Marines is a shallow bit of science-fiction fluff with cheap production values and an indifferent attitude. It's forgettable enough to deem unnecessary, which is a grievous sin for a game in a universe brimming with so much potential"

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posted by PadreGamer (KIRKLAND, WA) Feb 21, 2013

Member since Oct 2007

6 out of 11 gamers (55%) found this review helpful

Like with anything else, the higher your expectations, the higher your disappointment. However, in this case you'll be disappointed no matter what your expectations were.

Horrible resolution, horrible lettering in every single message or caption, horrible game play.

I play games to have fun, not to get neurotic pressing a button a hundred times like a manic idiot to fight somebody off... or to go through the same sequence a hundred times until I get it the way the programmers wanted me to get it.

More over, I don't know how bad I am or how good you are, and I know the pride of every one of you will never allow the truth to come out, but I have been stuck in this particular sequence for two days already and I can't get past it.

That's too old, outdated, infantile, and plain stupid. Perhaps the people who came up with this garbage should have taken a look at "Fallout 3" and "Fallout: New Vegas", among other games, to learn a thing or two.

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You have to wonder who to blame, on this one.

posted by FeraIMuse (PUNTA GORDA, FL) Feb 15, 2013

Member since Mar 2012

6 out of 11 gamers (55%) found this review helpful

You know it's sad when one of the first news-articles that came out shortly after the release of Aliens: Colonial Marines was essentially a "whose fault was it" between Time Gate and Gearbox studios. Unfortunately for me, I was reading the article after already having gotten my copy from Gamefly... (or perhaps fortunately, as I rented it, and hadn't purchased it.) Keep in mind, my opinion of this game is centered upon the single-player experience, as I haven't done the multiplayer. Why? Because I, like some other (and decreasing in number by the hour) players believe that a game should be able to stand on both its single-player experience, as well as its multiplayer. And... the single-player was atrocious. There were multiple instances of clipping-glitches, particularly of being attacked by some strange Siamese-twin Alien that had two drones clipping in one another and attacking me, simultaneously... I lost count of the number of times this happened. On another instance, I witnessed a Marine giving medical-attention to the air... the combatant he was assisting was in the opposite direction, behind him. On many occasions, I noticed that my squad-mates seemed to do a quarter of the damage that I did to enemies, as well as having infinite ammo, and continually firing at a wall, while the enemy stayed behind it. Enemies would often rush past my squad-mates (I suppose they realized just as I did that my team-members were little threat) to come directly at me, instead, even going so far as to run through fields of fire. To be perfectly honest, the Aliens-mod for Doom had more atmosphere than this did, which is sort of sad, considering both games (well, mod and game, respectively) used sound-effects from the movie. This was one of the few times I didn't even finish the game, and am sending it back to Gamefly tomorrow morning. Another instance where Gamefly saved me sixty dollars, and a thoroughly disappointing experience, overall.

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