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You have to be a huge Aliens fan

posted by PooBone (LEXINGTON, KY) Feb 27, 2013

Member since Mar 2008

I just finished the game, and let me first say that the game looks NOTHING like the screens and videos displayed on this very page. This game looks like it would have been a really pretty game on the original xbox in about 2004. If you pretend you're just playing an Aliens game from that period that you missed, it's actually a pretty enjoyable experience. There is obviously a lot of love and care to make a genuine feeling Aliens experience, and the sound effects and music were enough to keep my playing, even though the game really just gets worse in the second half. But I recognize that I'm a huge Aliens fan and can say that if you aren't, this is about the most ugly and generic first person shooter on the market right now.

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Gmae Sucked

posted by Shaiton (OKLAHOMA CITY, OK) Feb 25, 2013

Member since Oct 2011

Action and graphics could of been alot better

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Really Bad

They tried too hard

posted by samurai_kyo45 (THORNTON, CO) Feb 23, 2013

Member since Sep 2011

Aliens colonial marines a game that should of been a true aliens game but became a big disappointment. I play this game for maybe about to the 3 or 4 mission and i couldn't go on i needed my brother to help me though because it was just so boring. This game should be call a prequel to the aliens movies there were some part that didn't make sense. Example why is Hicks still alive he was suppose to be dead in aliens 3 and yet here he is in the flesh.

I guess i have to say they did a good job on the environment it does feel like your in an aliens movie. There are new aliens to fight from your traditional aliens we see in the movies but they never put my royal guard alien which upsets me. Another good thing I like is the split screen two player mode instead of having to go online to play I'm more of a traditional game player with split screen.

There are a number of things i could point out first is the hit ratio i unloaded half a clip on a human just to kill him they did a terrible job this part i didn't feel like i was hitting him same goes to the aliens.
Second the story could of been better there are so many aliens comic out there that have good stories. The makers should of just stay away from the aliens movies and done something fresh.
Third I'm upset about the upgrading on the guns its wasn't as fun as army of two upgrading guns i wanted 99 bullets for my plus rifle just like in the movies.

Overall the makers tried too hard on this game and screwed up if this game was released way earlier then it could of gotten a more decent review. Expect this game to be a $20 game real soon.

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