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posted by steveiforgot (SALT LAKE CITY, UT) Mar 4, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

Absolutely terrible!!! Not even worth trying it out, your better off hunting for any of the older games and replaying it, or any of the predator games

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Started out good, then progressively got worse

posted by MDgeist (ATLANTA, GA) Mar 3, 2013

Member since May 2010

The first level of this game started out to be pretty decent. However, the graphics remained poor and dated throughout. For me, the main problem is that this game remains mediocre. The A.I. is terrible, the voice acting stinks, the gameplay feels stiff, and the bugs this game has are just uncalled for. There are a few moments of tense encounters, but the aliens just stand there and let you shoot them.

There are a few good points. The Aliens look pretty good (even though the rest of the graphics stink), the sounds are good, and finding the extra stuff like the legendary weapons and audio cues are pretty cool for fans of the franchise like myself. However, the game just became a chore to play because it was so boring. If that wasn't bad enough, the ending is awful. That pushed it to a 4 rating. Otherwise, it's mediocre, dated, and pretty boring.

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No More Than Fair

posted by TruGamer30 (CHINO, CA) Mar 3, 2013

Member since Jan 2011

This is a good take on the Aliens franchise and a decent tie in to the series but it lacks in the fields where it could excell. Very engagging storyline and decent enough game play that it can provide a fair amount of fun but it is not as catchy like some other shooters are.

Weapons load out is very limited and not alot of customizable attachments. Your inventory doesn't even include big guns like rocket launchers.

The A.I. is completely off and lacks the proper facial expressions. It is just stationary and simular to that of puppets like the nutcracker with only the mouth moving. Don't let me get started with the intelligence of the A.I., you are always setting off trying to save a lost companion because they're weren't smart enough to stay put which is a poor excuse to keep the story going.

Worst part is the multiplayer - which only deserves one word TERRIBLE. Not even worth my time writing about it.

Overall - this game is worth to "rent" only just for the campaign story which allows you to see its tie in to the movie franchise but other than that - game hss nothing positive to discuss.

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