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not my cup O tea

posted by jonny5isalive (FREDERICKSBURG, TX) Mar 6, 2013

Member since Jan 2012

just was not unique enough of an fps
for me if you like most fps games then this game is fun
but i just need a little more out of it to want to play it

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Really Bad

so bad had to send back immediately

posted by starlight74103 (ONTARIO, CA) Mar 6, 2013

Member since Sep 2012

Not even worthy of playing. SOOOOO bad. had to send back. To much hype not enough play ability. The game was TERRIBLE. Hate it when they do this to a good franchise too.

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Biggest upset so far this year

posted by InitialD (TOMS RIVER, NJ) Mar 5, 2013

Member since May 2009

I have never been so happy to finish a game and ship it back. Thank god for Gamefly, or I would have had an outburst like the commercials after playing this game.
After many years of anticipation, this game fell hopelessly short of greatness.
The only saving grace for this game is that it has some decent fodder for the fans here and there, and the controls seemed pretty tight, and not heavy at all.
The graphics were terrible and flat. I felt like I was playing an original Xbox game and lighting effects were quite poor.
The AI was borderline insulting to a gamer's intelligence. I played solo - the enemies seemed to not even realize that my AI teammates were shooting at them and always made their way to my location. It also seemed like my teammates were shooting blanks, as I can count on 1 hand, how many enemies they killed thoughout the entire campaign.
I played through on the hardest difficulty, and breezed right through. Being able to choose from an enormous aresnal at any given moment, never gave me any sense of fear of dying or running out of ammo at a crucial point. Melee does absolutley nothing, and try as I might, even on the casual difficulty, I could not kill an enemy using it.
The mulitplayer was about the most fun I had our of the fame. The team deathmatch mode seemed well rounded, and is broken into 2 matches, where each team takes a turn as Humans or Xenos. Neither team seems to overpower the other, but as we know - there is stength in numbers! Other mulitplayer modes were mediocre at best.
Overall - if you are a fan of series, this game is worth blowing through on a weekend if you have nothing else in your queue. I feel sorry for the people that anticipated this as much as I did, and paid full retail for it, or the collectors edition.

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