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good game

posted by tommytee (VANCOUVER, WA) Mar 20, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

the game is good it's graphics are outdated but not bad. gameplay is good has good co op and stuff. the sound is the best thing in the game

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GF Rating

Very Good


posted by latiya94 (CLINTON, MD) Mar 20, 2013

Member since Aug 2011

As a true fan of the Aliens Saga this game is a must play. Hey, I get to kill kill kill and kill aliens, and maybe get eaten alot too. First of all to all the idiots who had super expectations for this to be the bestest game in life, get a life. NO WAY THEY COULD TOP THE MOVIE! But this game gives ALOT of respect. BTW COD didnt have a movie dummy so theres no comparison and has no place.
With that said, Aliens offers to you the same thing that the movies did. This game offers you suspense, horror, run for your life, sci-fi thriller, omg I'm going to die, help me help me, and that oh shoot moment they got me (payback is a bullet!). You and you small team are in dark abandoned structures, outside in the open, close quarters, etc., and aliens are coming from everywhere(vents, floors, holes, ceilings, water, hiding in the dark, etc) and they are NOT easy kills unless your playing on recruit. Folks, if you suck at FPS games than recruit is for you. You get all the ammo you never need and can spray wrecklessly all day. But for true Alien killers who want the INTENSITY that enough is enough KILL EM ALL, YOU MUST PLAY ON ULTIMATE BADAZZ C0-0P! Bottom line is that you + 3 have to fight you way forward to live or escape, no friendly fire so team works a must, no life bar or body armor visible, every bullet counts so less ammo, and swarms of ALIENS to make you respect them while killing them dead oh so many ways! Acid spraying everywhere burning your face off, Aliens exploding & on fire still coming at you, and cool stuff to look at. Guys, I got the game to Kill Aliens so I'm not fond of the battle with humans cause all FPS games have humans. Thats the fault of the game to me with exception of the heavy armored soldier which is fun to fight cause he has serious weaponry. I also didnt like the game ending because it should have been more of a battle with the Queen I thought. All said the game was fun and made me wanna watch to movie!!! Enjoy it & KILL EM ALL!

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GF Rating



posted by Zer0123456789 (WEST FARGO, ND) Mar 18, 2013

Member since Sep 2012

it was fun for the first 2 hours then I realized all im doin is killing aliens that's it not worth buying

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