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Not bad

posted by soldaten (JACKSONVILLE, FL) May 13, 2013

Member since May 2013

Not a bad game in my opinion... I'm a fan of the Aliens and Pred franchises. Visuals and sound effects are pretty good. I probably will buy in the future

All in all...give it a try! We're on Gamefly so why not?

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Users seem to be right on the money

posted by ruland (RENSSELAER, NY) May 12, 2013

Member since Jul 2008

(This does not include and review on multiplayer)

As usual the user reviews for this game are just about on the money. The game isn't broken by any means but in this day and age the bar is set so high you really have to be solid to push out an awesome game.

Gunplay and gun models are decent but not great. Being able to upgrade your weapons as you play through the main campaign actually is what was just enough to keep me going for a full play through.

This game doesn't use a regenerating health bar. It has an armor bar and a few health bars which themselves will regenerate if you don't totally go through a bar. So you will need to pick up armor packs and health packs along the way. I know this alone will keep some player away from this game.

On normal (soldier) I found the difficulty to be all over the board. For the most part I plowed right through the campaign but at main set points in the game (you know the ones in the story where the music picks up) I ended up dying and retrying on average 10 times. Also the human enemies you run into are snipers with their hand grenades. I mean really it's like they were homing grenades from Borders. Overall the campaign ended up being about 6-8hr with 440GP to show for it.

The setting in the game is cool if you are familiar with Aliens you'll know what to expect. I'm not a huge fan but like I said it was enough to keep me going through a full play through.

Overall I would say the user reviews are right on. If you don't mind a B game to play in between your A classers to pick up a couple gamers then go for it. If you only want the best and hate a non regenerating health bar blow this one off. Either way I would have never played it at all if not for GFLY.

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Why this is horrible

posted by KILLAJay2796 (SAUGERTIES, NY) May 11, 2013

Member since May 2013

I got this game and started playing it at 6:00 i hated it for its bad graphics, no story, strange enemies (hired mercs), and poor configuration of the Aliens, i feel as if they have made this game with the intention to aggrivate anyone who likes and wants a true alien game. It is no wonder why it is already only ten dollars!! It is six thirty and i already have it rapped up in the mail box hopping its gone tomoro, the sooner the better!

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