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Decent Fan Service

posted by Chi_Rac (CHICAGO, IL) Mar 18, 2013

Member since Apr 2011

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If you are a fan of the Aliens universe you will probably find this game OK. It does provide plenty of fan service with things you see, things that are talked about and sound effects (e.g. pulse rifle and motion tracker). However, even as a big fan I found the campaign rather tedious. [NO SPOILER] I also couldn't believe how they completely blew off the explanation of how one of the characters from the movies could possibly be in this game.

Co-op and multi-player are good additions and will add some value for some people.

• Yes, it is true that the graphics look like the beginning of this generation, but they are OK.
• No, it is not true that there is an abrupt ending right after a boss battle. Almost, but there is another scene after the battle.
• You will definitely want to play at the higher difficulty levels (BA or Ultimate BA) as the lower levels are much too easy.

I will admit that I enjoyed the Alien vs. Predator game a bit more. Although that game is not great either, it offers three campaigns (marine, predator and alien).

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aliens:colonial marines, more like colonial morons

posted by reaper215x (OCKLAWAHA, FL) Feb 28, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

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after playing both the campaign and multiplayer i have finally figured out why such a newly released game is only 39.99 pre-owned. it is because you are really only paying for the multiplayer half of the game. the campaign was a total rehash of the original right down to lifter boxing a xenomorph. i especially HATED the mission where you sneak by the boilers, the creator of that level should be shot, stabbed, and castrated! all in all the multiplayer was good. although there are only 5 total maps for TDM and extermination all the maps can be played by both sides of the field. either as a xenomorph or marine the gameplay is excellent sneaking along walls is good for lurkers but spitters glowing heads give them away so use them at long range. as for the soldier he is better as a hit and run fighter as in SMACK! SMACK! run back into a vent. i am glad for the various appearance customization's although the marine weapons and xenomorph skills could have had MUCH more to them. all of that being said i will rate this game a 3/10 and all three of those points are towards the multiplayer DO NOT and i repeat this in true aliens fashion if you play the campaign it will be a "WELL THAT'S IT THAT IS IT GAME OVER MAN GAME OVER WE ARE SCREWED!" moment. so to those of you considering this i say OORAH TO ASHES MARINES!

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Is this an Arcade Game?

posted by DresdenKurosaki (BEND, OR) Mar 21, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

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Wow, this game is hard... at least to survive for long periods of time without respawning. Not to downplay difficult shooters, but the game might be a touch too realistic in its damage output toward our hero. As an avid Alien/Aliens fan I can look past the outdated graphics, bad voice acting, short story, and other poorly developed aspects of the game... but if the game play isn't at least somewhat decent, you lose the whole feeling of being immersed in the world the designers are trying to create.

Generally, (at full health and armor) you can take about 6 "hits" from weak guns/attacks before you die (at least on Soldier/Medium difficulty). Sure getting hit in the face from a bullet would kill anyone, or hit by a grenade blast (even splash damage at the edge of the explosion), but in "reality" you also don't take on hundreds of hungry aliens and evil mercenaries with a pair of idiot partners giving away your every move with epic amounts of gun fire. Your best option for most of the game is to sit in a corner with a bit of cover and wait for things to charge you... check your motion detector... rinse and repeat. Essentially, the game's basic premise is camping.

More often then not you will die several times a check point unless you have precognitions about whats coming. I can't count the number of times I was snuck up on from behind an one shoted (by an NPC) or caught the errant flying grenade that sent me back to checkpoint '231' to try again. After 4 restarts, you start to lose any motivation to keep your character moving forward, and instead work hard toward getting through the encounter with the most amount of armor and health... since you may not see anther health pack for some time.

Some basic aiming, enemy reaction to gunfire, and tactics might put this game back on the good side of the spectrum... but without them it plays as beyond frustrating and stays firmly in the realm of overblown fanfare... with a sound premise, but no real delivery.

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