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Young lady, blast your aliens or you're grounded!

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) Dec 28, 2007

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Alien Syndrome has gotten plenty of mediocre to negative press and my expectations for the game were suitably low going into it. However, it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be and proved somewhat addictive. It can be fun, but it has flaws. In the game you play Aileen Harding who needs to blast away at a bunch of creatures that have been mutated by an alien organism. The story is pretty useless as you get berated by your uncle and other male characters via com unit (because they couldn't be bothered to fight an extraterrestrial ground war). The game plays like a sci-fi version of your typical hack-n-slash, like X-Men Legends, Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance or even Diablo II, which isn't a bad thing. You level up by blasting or hacking your way through hordes of creatures, occasional mini-bosses and the very infrequent boss. Gaining levels and proficiencies and finding cool weapons and armor are the high points of the game and prove engaging. You also unlock higher difficulty settings so you can keep on blasting. Also worth note is the use of the Wii remotes IR sensor for targeting which makes strafing and firing quick and easy. There are some problems with the gameplay though. The nunchuk's motion sensor is used to swing the camera, which means every time you scratch your forehead, the screen looks like a time-warp. Killing streams of monsters gets pretty repetitive and the challenge is minimal. You'll find that even boss characters are no real threat and by the time you unlock hard, you'll be even more powerful than the first time through. Graphics and sound are serviceable at best and the voice-acting is lackluster. This game takes about 20 hours first time through, but there were several points at which I think they could have ended the game. It started to feel like they were artificially stretching the length before the quarter mark. It just gets old, but it's still fun. It's definitely worth renting, flaws and all.

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Fun controls, disappointing presentation

posted by nescedral (MISSION, KS) Aug 23, 2007

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I sent this game back after playing through the first few levels with a couple of friends.

I really wanted to like Alien Syndrome: the method of aiming and firing was just so dang fun when combined with the top down view. However, other controls like controlling the camera angle were annoyingly difficult, and managing a vast array of equipment (that mostly looks the same) was agonizing.

If you have a lot of time to spare and some friends to join in for the multiplayer, feel free to give it a shot. It's an OK game, but there are certainly better. If you're like me and you gaming time is a little cramped around the corners, then look elsewhere for a fulfilling experience.

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Not Fun

posted by bjtdevera (Las Vegas, NV) Aug 7, 2007

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The biggest strength of this game is its controls. They feel very natural; allowing the player to walk in any direction while shooting in any direction. Every top-view shooter should control this way.

The pitfall is the gameplay. First of all, the cutscenes are nothing more than concept art with voice-overs. While this would have been fine on the SNES, this is sub-par according to today's standards. It doesn't present the story in a way that immerses the gamer.

Secondly, it's just not fun enough to play through. One would think that shooting aliens would be a blast (no pun intended), but this game makes it more of a chore. The maps are boring. The aliens are boring. The graphics look primitive.

What this game needs: Better graphics, infinite bullets, cool-looking weapons, CGI cut scenes, fun maps.

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