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Alien Hominid

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Also on:PS2
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Gameplay Controls

Alien Hominid

Control Stick Move. Down = Duck.
Control Pad Move. Down = Duck.
A Button Jump. Freak.
B Button Fire. Power Shot (Hold and Release). Dig Down (With Control Pad Down).
X Button Toss Grenade
Y Button Use. Enter Vehicle.
L Button Roll Left
R Button Roll Right
Start/Pause Respawn
Combo #1 Jump On Enemies Head and Use Control Stick = Control Enemy
Combo #2 Once Underground, Press B Button = Pull Enemy Underground
Combo #3 Press L Button While Facing Right = Backflip Left
Combo #4 Press R Button While Facing Left = Backflip Right
Combo #5 Once in Freak Move, Press B Button = Bite Skull
Combo #6 Once in Freak Move, Press Y Button = Pick Up Enemy
Combo #7 Once in Freak Move and Holding Enemy, Press B Button = Throw Enemy

Control Stick Control Vehicle
Control Pad Control Vehicle
A Button Exit Vehicle
B Button Fire Weapon
X Button Throw Grenade
Y Button Enter Vehicle

Control Stick Fly
Control Pad Fly
A Button Thrust
B Button Fire Weapon. Activate Tractor Beam (Near Ground). Fire Primary Weapon (Co-op Gunner Controls)
X Button Afterburner. Fire Secondary Weapon (Co-op Gunner Controls)
Y Button Fire Weapon

Control Stick Up/Down = Use Ladder. Left/Right = Move.
Control Pad Up/Down = Use Ladder. Left/Right = Move.
A Button Jump. Double Jump (Double-Tap).
Y Button Relief
Combo #1 A Button + B Button = Friendly Fire Attack