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Alice: Madness Returns


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Alice: Madness Returns

posted by Materia (CUMBERLAND, MD) Aug 22, 2011

Member since Aug 2011

not a bad game overall, the hack-n-slash fighting was very nice, the only downfall was the amount of jumping and switches, more fighting and bosses and I'd give it a better score, other than that if you loved the previous game you will like this.... very dark, twisted, and pretty good graphics, a must for any alice fan :)

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Madness is correct

posted by BotanicalPoison (CENTENNIAL, CO) Aug 16, 2011

Member since Aug 2011

I wouldn't exactly say that this game is remarkable, nor would I say that it's exactly terrible. I will say that I loved the artwork -- the pleasantly twisted outlook on the Alice universe was refreshing, and the graphics were clean. Movements, while a little jerky, were relatively fluid. That's really all I can say about the perks to it.

The downsides? It was a game I really couldn't bring myself to finish. The reason behind that was, first off, the story. It was quite honestly a dull, unrewarding debacle that I was more interested in getting through to see more artwork. I feel that the difficulty curve was far too massively ridiculous. I fault myself partially for that, which is why I don't drop it further, considering I started on Nightmare, but seeing as they expect you to start the game completely from scratch every time and re-level your weapons ... well, it made it go past challenging and straight into maddening. To be fair, it was only maddening because the check points were so few and far between that when you finally beat one of the battles that took you 20 tries, and you died in the very next one, you would be set back to the battle you just successfully finished.

All in all, to sum it up as to what I'd like to say in future (if any) games in the series:

- More checkpoints
- Slightly less difficult curve
- More compelling story; you've already twisted Alice, come on. Go all out and make it ridiculously different!
- More varied and less aggravating-to-use weapons
- More convincing voice cast

Things to keep:

- Beautiful artwork

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Return through the looking glass

posted by gamerguy4ever (BINGHAMTON, NY) Aug 10, 2011

Member since Aug 2011

Alice Madness Returns, is the sequel to American Mcgee's Alice. This game follows Alice years after the events of the first game and finds her receiving psychiatric help to forget about her family, who died in a fire, a fire she may have had a part in. But this help is even more damaging to Wonderland then anything from her last visit. now then how does the game look, feel, and play ? First off, the graphics. The graphics look great for the most part, using the Unreal engine, but at times the characters look a little weird, not bad but weird. The cuts scene look like a story book come to life, and look great, though I think fully rendered CG cut-scenes would have been better. The controls are very responsive and so is the camera. The sound and music are also quite good work well, thought the voice work is a little half and half. What I mean is The voice actors are good but they seemed to speak there lines kind of fast at times. Now there is plenty to see, and do in Alice Madness Return, plenty of collectibles to find , and you'll have a blast doing it, as you hack, slash and smash your enemies to bloody bits. So overall the game is a lot of fun to play, even though occasionally the platforming, which makes up a bulk of the game, can be a little frustrating at times (as most platforming can) , it's still a game you wanna play. A warning though, it can get extremely disturbing at times , especially towards the end of the game. Bottom line is, if like platforming games, blood filled disturbing games and if you liked the original ( which is included free on a new copy of the game, just not here at Gamefly) I recommend trying it and I give American Mcgee's Alice : Madness Returns , a score of 9 out of 10.

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