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Alice: Madness Returns


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Also on:Xbox 360
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GF Rating

Very Good

Linear, but Beautiful and Well Made

posted by Finjamin (DENVER, CO) Sep 14, 2011

Member since Aug 2005

This game reminds me a bit of Psychonauts, a PC game that came out a few years ago. I watched my wife play that game, and I've watched her play over 20 hours of this game for the same reasons: every detail is beautifully art-directed, original, and rendered with care. I was constantly surprised at the level of detail rendered to even the smallest bits of each world.

The art direction in Alice is reason enough to rent it and play through the whole thing, even if linear worlds, puzzle-solving, and the occasional difficult battle isn't your thing. Each of the worlds is completely unique. Each of the baddies has a specific battle style and a specific weakness. The NPC's are characters you really care about.

If you enjoy the one-off games that don't get much attention but you remember for a long time, Alice is a solid rent.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Interesting, but it gets old kinda fast.

posted by AshleyW (HESPERIA, CA) Sep 7, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

Alice: The Madness Returns just wasn't my cup of tea. I typically enjoy the action platformers, but I didn't enjoy this for long. Combat seemed very clunky at times and it was very repetitive. Each "stage" (for lack of a better term) seemed to consist of the same design: jumping from one stationary/moving platform to another with the occasional diversion when finding a secret room. Let's just say - I got bored really quick.

I'm not going to say that it's a terrible game and that no one will enjoy it so don't waste your time, but I will say that I personally didn't enjoy it. Everyone has their own preferences.

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GF Rating


Such a beautiful game

posted by mulchlayer (GRESHAM, OR) Aug 29, 2011

Member since May 2010

You like dying dont you? LOL that is probably the only fault in this game :/ you die like a million times every other second. Though its worth it to progess through the story.
The people who did thihs game are so beyond creative its not even funny. Each scene is so stunning and has so much detail its crazy just for the creativity alone this game deserves a ten.
wonderful example of what the ps3 is can really do :) Hoping for a sequel soon

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