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Alice: Madness Returns


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GF Rating


It's not Bad

posted by jfriedlan (GRAND RAPIDS, MI) Sep 28, 2011

Member since May 2006

There are definitely some good ideas here. The combat is made tactical by requiring alternating use of weapons, both ranged and melee. The game's artists are eminently proficient in creepiness. The platforming is solid, and there's even a good deal of secrets in the world to find.
Despite that all and its similarities to Bayonetta or God of War, it just doesn't stay fun.

Here are some things that could account for this:
• Nightmare difficulty often just feels cheap when enemies, which can 2-shot Alice, perform long-range dash attacks from out of camera view.
• There's just too much platforming. The fun of using quadruple (yes, no fscking around with double) jump wears thin by the end of the first three chapters.
• Enemies, though few in number, take a lot of hits to bring down and can only be attacked during rare moments of vulnerability. -> Repetitive combat.
• Descriptive text too small so as to be nearly illegible.
•  Game goes on too long. I was tired at the end of chapter 3.
•  Checkpoints' placements often require a minute or two of retracking after dying in a fight.
•  Too much time wasted pressing L2 and searching all over for secrets. Secrets unrewarding to find.

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GF Rating


Original and awesome

posted by CQCMARINE (GREELEY, CO) Sep 19, 2011

Member since Jun 2009

The game is really cool and really bizarre as anyone would expect. Alice has some cool abilities like shrinking, and with that able to see what she normally wouldn't. Also her weapons include a really sharp kitchen knife, little times clockwork timed rabbit bombs and she can go into hysteria mode where she is invincible for a time being going on a rampage slicing and dicing up the competition. The game is set in a dreary looking london where she goes about town for reasons unknown and when she gets knocked hard on the head by a door or other things following the plot she falls back into wonderland. So its kind of like a story within a story. Very interesting and I recommend this game to anyone even if your not an Alice in wonderland fan.

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GF Rating

Very Good

good game for the comfertibly demented

posted by cpt_kake (BORGER, TX) Sep 18, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

I enjoyed it. the environments were beautifull and perfect. they envolope you, bring you into the story and they easily affected me emotionally in away. the puzzles were too easy i had no challenge getting through them, yet they still fit the story. However the battles where great. the battle system was a little like previous games ive played, but overall it stood out. I really enjoyed the slicing, smacking, and seasoning. I had a minimum amount of heartbreak putting it in the mailbox

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