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Not Terrible...Also Not Impressive

posted by MC2014 (ASHBURN, VA) Sep 12, 2014

Member since Sep 2014

I loved the first twisted Alice game -- I played it on my PC. I was stoked when I received Madness Returns because I loved the first one so much.

That being said, I am not overly enthralled with the graphics, game play, or story line. I've only been playing it for a few days and I'm already ready to send it back.

It's not a horrible game -- it just isn't as great as the first one.

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GF Rating

Above Average

An OK Play

posted by mccracker (PEARLAND, TX) Jul 13, 2014

Member since Jan 2011

I've played one of these "dark" Alice's way back in the day on my old pc. I liked jumping back into the twisted tale again to see how it evolved over the years. For me, the graphics we just "ok" and the storyline was entertaining enough to keep me through to the end. It was surprisingly easy even in hard mode and I think it lacked a wide variety of enemies. You see the same ones over and over again throughout the entire game.

One thing that frustrated me more than anything was that as you proceeded through a chapter there was no going back. There are tons of collectibles and hidden stuff to find. You would come to a Y in the road and as you peek around the corner a door would shut behind you and so much for trying the other path. This played out over and over again throughout the game. You could always restart a chapter but who wants to keep doing that. I eventually gave up on trying to find everything. By the end of the game I had already upgraded all of my weapons to the max so collecting teeth didn't matter much for me anymore anyways.

All in all it was a decent play but it could have had some improvements. The fighting was fun but not all that gory. I think the only reason it got an M for mature was the drop of the f bomb once and some dialogue with a madam. Go into it expecting some cute, cartooney mayhem.

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GF Rating


Go in with correct expectations

posted by insanetwig (NEW YORK, NY) May 24, 2014

Member since Jun 2012

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First, no one should be expecting a ground breaking, genre shattering game out of this sequel.

That being said, this game is a light hack-n-slash with puzzles and a simple upgrade system. The visuals are fantastic, story line strange enough to keep me interested, and honestly the voice acting is great.

Overall the combat system is on point, very easy to understand, which is really what you want from a hack-n-slash game. The only very noticeable negative to this game is the constant "clipping" as if the developers did not do extensive testing of the game. Besides that, it was great!

If your looking for a simple game that will keep your attention I highly recommend this game.

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