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posted by PROTON718 (BROOKLYN, NY) Jul 1, 2011

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Collectibles ahoy

posted by Pudrick (HILLSBORO, OR) Jun 28, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

The game has a great environment, stable and familiar combat mechanics, and a decent enough but rushed story.

The problem with the game is that much of the story or related pieces of it are given to you in bits from collectibles referred to as memories. The interactions of the characters and the overall story just seems rushed.
The combat isn't that great either, if you've played an action adventure game before, you've played this one. You've got your melee and ranged attacks and collect teeth to level them up and do more damage.
The platforming in this game is very familiar, as well, in that it isn't very fun. Someone thought it would be a good idea to have invisible platforms in this game, and a bunch of people agreed with him for some reason.
I would say the best part of this game is just walking around in Alice's non-Wonderland. The city and characters in it just look so good it impressed me more than any of the over the top visuals in Wonderland.

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An acid-trip gone very wrong

posted by dfloss721 (GRAYSLAKE, IL) Jun 23, 2011

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Right from get-go, you can tell this one is going to be best played after a few tokes off the old bonng. It’s very trippy and dark. Alice is a young girl in an insane asylum, and you basically have these trips where you’ll enter Wonderland: A dark land filled with haunted forests, underwater cities, rivers filled with blood, lava filled tunnels & floating landscapes that look eerily similar to a Salvador Dali painting. The different landscapes pave way for unique platforming mechanics.

I wanted to check out Alice after I read a colorful review in a gaming mag, and thought it would be a fun 3d platformer, which is pretty much what it is. It also mixes in hack n slash elements, button mashing, and other action/adventure elements like collecting hidden objects/secrets.

Alice is quite nimble, so you’ll put those platforming skills to the test. She has a nice floaty triple jump and can hover a bit like Princess in Mario 2, using her dress. Instead of collecting coins or orbs, you collect teeth…yes, teeth. You also use a butcher knife and horse head on a broomstick as your melee weapons of choice and slash with X & Y for a variety of combos and use LB as a nice teleport evade. B can deploy a small detonator mine.

You also have this sweet over-sized pepper grinder, which is basically a gatling gun, which was awesome. Targeting enemies was fluid, and gameplay was polished. Most of the time you jump around the levels trying not to fall in a pit, then fight some guys, come to a boss, etc.

The problem I had was the identity crisis of the game. It's M rating is way too dark for kids but the game is way to simple for adults or teens... So who the heck are you targeting here? The kiddy premise of Alice in Wonderland creates overly simplistic enemies, puzzles, and level design. Thankfully the campaign is VERY long, and if you want to spend time collecting thousands of hidden items, this will take a long time to complete.

Milt Drucker

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