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Alice: Madness Returns


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GF Rating


Different look at Alice in Wonderland

posted by brett83501 (LEWISTON, ID) Dec 28, 2011

Member since Dec 2009

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Game was kind of repetative in some parts, but was definatly fun. I liked that fact that you could upgrade your weapons, but seemed like you had to get quite a bit of the teeth points to even upgrade them, and that takes awhile. I think first upgrade was only like 400 or so per weapon, and the second on a lot of them was higher 500 to 800 for the knife.
I never finished the game though because I got mad in some area's you had to shirnk yourself and jump to a sideways moving platform that was moving fairly fast and it disaperars when you become big again, and have to hit it almost perfect and shrink yourself again right away, and repeat repeat. Oh and it's timed a door closed where you needed to go, and I could never make it, so gave up. If you don't mind a twisted outlook on Alice in Wonderland, it is worth a try, and maybe you'll have better luck than I.

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Average game saved by a great setting.

posted by Omarant_329 (BALDWIN PARK, CA) Jul 28, 2011

Member since Jul 2011

2 out of 2 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

First and foremost, Alice: Madness Returns was saved from a lower score by it's fantastically dark setting. Everybody assumes that the old Disney animation is a drug-fueled trip, but this game brings that assumption to life in full force. Twisted re-imaginings of classic Alice characters, bloody combat/cinematics, and the dark atmosphere definitely earns this game's M rating. Other than that, Alice: Madness Returns is your typical third-person adventure game, which comes with the genres trademark problems.

The camera needed some work. It would get caught in tight areas and why the camera does not stay behind you when you're locked onto a target during combat is beyond me. Having to unlock from a target just to adjust the camera became incredibly frustrating.

Combat started out really exciting. Enemies were interesting and there was actual strategy involved in defeating them. Unfortunately, and this can be attributed to the overly long length of the game/chapters, the enemies and combat became quite repetitive.

When it comes to platforming in a 3D space, games usually get it right or they don't. Alice fell somewhere in between. There was just something that felt off. As the game got further along, it actually began to feel like the problem was associated with the flaky camera more than anything else. Take a jump toward a platform without adjusting the camera and death is very likely.

Weapons in Alice were very cool. There are five which you will eventually have at your disposal, four of which you can upgrade (with teeth which you collect throughout the game). Each was very original and fit the setting perfectly.

Like I said in the beginning, were it not for the atmosphere, this game would've have definitely received a 5 from me. But, if you're a fan of the Alice universe, such as myself, your score will probably be bumped up just as mine was. If you're not a fan, I would still recommend checking it out, but expect more of the same old thing.

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GF Rating

Very Good

The Wonder of It All

posted by El_Viejo (NORTH FORK, CA) Feb 8, 2012

Member since Feb 2012

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This game plays better than the vendor presents it. I was pleased to read the storyline behind the game. It made so much more sense then. Poor Alice. Her life has been a shambles (her parents dead and confined to a mental institution) and yet she has managed to maintain touch with her sanity by escaping to Wonderland. But even that refuge is less wonderful than it used to be. Now she must combat her demons and deal with a scared and scary existence. The graphics are good and the gameplay unique. I really enjoyed this retelling of the Alice story. Give it a try. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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