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Just one word for this Game, WHY?????????

posted by upsetgamer (PLAINVILLE, KS) Jun 29, 2006

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Ok I have one question for the Brain Dead Morons that decided this was a good idea, Why? Why What? Why turn a Racing Game into a Game of Lets see if the Player will notice that we have no Idea what a Car is Let alone how one really drives. Or Lets Make a Poor attempt at a Role Playing Racing Game where it doesnt make any difference how good the Player is thats Playing but it only makes a difference if you build up Stats that Have Nothing really to do with Racing and then Make it almost Impossible to drive the Cars by having it drain so meter till it is Empty then Blur the Screen so the Player cant see anything, but we will let the player have the same sort of Draining ability but the Players will be weak compared to the AI's that even at Maxed out Level he wont stand a chance oh and let us not forget lets make it so that when theres a Wreck the Players car goes out of control but never the Ai's car. Then We will throw in as a Little added bonus the fact that the car doesnt turn the way the players turns it half of the time oh and dont forget to add some of the Old Lets make the AI cars drive like they are On a Rail but make it so the Player has as Much control over his car as say a Truck does going downhill on a sheet of ice with No Brakes

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I agree with the other writer 100%

posted by Ndru000 (ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL) May 7, 2006

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This game blows! I would have rather watched the hair grow on my arms then play this game. I believe it was between swearing and crashing that i put down the controller. But then i picked it up again thinking to myslef its not gran turismo you cant take the curves doing 70. I then found out you cant make some turns going 15, when in real life you could make them goin 30 in a stationwagon!! What is wrong with Valcon games ive seen better games done in flash.

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Banana Peels Anyone?

posted by Digital9x (MORRISTOWN, TN) Apr 19, 2006

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"What is a flop, Alex?"

The answer, "Alfa Romeo Racing Italiano."

If you ever watched jeopardy and played with the contestants in front of your television, then you'd sure be able to win that round under the category "failures." Being a racing fan and racing game player from back in the days of the first "Need For Speed" on the PC (which is way way back in time on computers that still used 5 1/4 drives), getting my hands on this game was a mistake.

Only a few games try to be a wanna-be of GT4. The game makers for this particular title missed a few game programming classes when it came to control and precision handling. The best-of-the-best of the circuit track, long-track, and off-road gamers will agree that this game is taking up valuable CD space that could house a better entertainment package.

Point blank, the tires might as well be made of banana peels. No matter how tender you are with your controller, the cars just slide like a blind-folded ice skater who has been pushed by another skater unknowingly. Well, unless you take the curves at 20 mph, you are going to go off road, and just watch the rest of the pack leave smoke in your face. The phrase "I think I can, I think I can" comes to mind as you continue to only see the brake lights of the 2nd to the last car, the last car being you.

Steer clear of this game title, unless you need a last minute stocking stuffer or birthday present for that person at work or school that pretends to be your friend. Better yet, buy it for that person that seems to fracking frag you every freaking time you re-spawn in Halo 2 or Quake 3. Or, give to that friend that brags about solving every game on the same day of purchase. This game would surely be great payback for those slurring remarks.


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