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Badly Written and the Characters Are Very Forced

posted by chajaja0714 (PORT ORCHARD, WA) Sep 13, 2014

Member since Sep 2014

I really don't get it. What am I missing? All I see in this video game when I play it is bad writing, awkward animations, and weak story and character development. The only character that I think is really developed well enough to make me care is Alice... but that's just because she wasn't directly explained, but we still know things about her that make her seem real. With everyone else in the game, Alan either explains to the player who each person is, what they want, and what he thinks of them... To me it just seems like they're trying to force all of the information onto the player. The way that Alan speaks makes him sound like a pretentious, self-aggrandizing, inexperienced writer came into this game thinking it sounds good to emphasize the words in the writing rather than the content of the writing. The writer for the game uses flowery language to make the dialogue and inner monologue of Alan seem smart and witty, but it always just ends up reflecting bad on the writer. And the camera is so frustrating. When I was to see two people talking to each other, I can't just move my camera over to reveal whoever Alan's talking to, I have to put it exactly in the right place because Alan isn't in the center of the camera or on one side of the camera, the camera revolves around some random point in space next to Alan. It was very easy for me to put this game down. I wouldn't say that this is the worst game I've player, but it's definitely one of the top five worst games I've played, with surprisingly high ratings. I think that this might have good reviews for the same reason girls in seventh grade get complemented on their bad poetry. Good writing makes you forget you're reading. Bad writing wants you to know that it's there so you can praise it.?

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Enjoyable and Atmospheric

posted by jbthaynes (WEAVERVILLE, NC) Jul 27, 2014

Member since Jul 2011

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You play as a writer named Alan Wake who is supposed to be taking a vacation away from the city and the stress that comes with it. But this is complicated by the disappearance of his wife and the presence of an ever growing darkness that is infecting the area Alan is staying at.

It is interesting to see Alan Wakes's take on the survival horror genre especially since there are not many true horror games on the consoles. Most of the game is spent in dark foggy woods and abandoned buildings which you will explore with the help of your flash light and fire arm which help produce the unique combat. Since all the enemies in the game are protected by a layer of darkness that functions as bullet proof armor, which you must eliminate with your flashlight before they are vulnerable to your guns.

The main reason I did not score this game higher is because it can get quite repetitive toward the later levels. Even though the combat mechanic is pretty unique it does get tiresome since it is the primary method you must use to defeat enemies, this is especially noticeable when you must keep repeating the same tactic to waves of enemies which leads to the next flaw. This is a flaw which many horror games posses, and that is, it steers toward action during the final levels of the game and it pays less attention to subtlety and atmosphere which are some of the key points of a good horror game.

Even though the game does lose some of its edge over time most of the game does a good job of creating a suspenseful and dark experience and even if you do get tired of the combat you will still want to keep playing to learn what is behind the mysterious darkness that is sweeping over the land.

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Good, But Short

posted by SnakeEyesAGC (KANSAS CITY, MO) Apr 13, 2014

Member since Apr 2014

Alan Wake provides a fun survival horror experience, however, the experience is over just as you really get into it. The gameplay is a scavenge and survive game with the "taken" being the games enemy. The "taken" are similar to aggressive zombies that have shields that can be destroyed by sources of light. The campaign has over 400 collectibles to find, which is a kinda cheap way of extending the games length. If you are only focused on the story and ignore the collectibles the game can be completed in 6 to 8 hours.

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