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Alan Wake Review...

posted by Luke131 (TYLER, TX) May 23, 2010

Member since Oct 2009

Now I have wanted this game for a while; but I never thought it would be this great! I am a big fan of the mystery games, so this one was a game I couldn't wait for! Now for the graphics: 9/10... They are AWESOME! About the same as MW2. Gameplay: 9/10... You can move your flashlight around and it will actuly let you see. Without your flashlight you could not see very well at all! You can have Alan be on the right of your screen or the left. But the only Cons are: If you in a building you can only go into certen rooms. (Others are locked) And I would have very much liked to see a free roam option in the game. (Of course I have not beat it yet so lets keep our fingers crossed!)

Some of you might be shocked like I was when I first played it. This game is kind of "harsh" for a T rated game isn't it? Well yes, sort of. Over all this game is a great game! I would recomend getting it. My rating I give it is about a... 9.5/10... But you REALLY should be a Teen or older if you are getting this game. Thanks!

-Luke, A average gamer.

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6 years of waiting for this game to release

posted by Flint879 (ALTOONA, PA) May 23, 2010

Member since Sep 2008

Alan Wake blends a nice mixture of horror and action. With a tale of light and darkness, this game is superior in story telling. I can't tell you much about the story as it is complex and best to be left for you to play and experience. I will tell you that Alan's wife, Alice, was taken by the Darkness and you have to get her back. Other than that, everything else is an experience.

GRAPHICS: The graphics are amazingly captured. From the character models to the forests to the lighting system. Amazing.

SOUND: The sounds all around are top notch from the voice acting, the Taken(the enemies of the game), the sounds all around are superior.

STORY: Alan Wake is a bestselling writer who came to Bright Falls to get away and relax. After the Taken have taken Alice, his wife, he goes on a battle through the darkness to find Alice. The story is like a Stephen King novel. It doesn't have to make sense or explanations. In the end, the mystery is what we will remember .

CONTROLS: The controls are easy to grab ahold of. Very good setup.

GAMEPLAY: You use light as your main weapon and fight the creatures and objects possessed by the Darkness.

-Some parts can be a little frustrating
-It is sometimes easy to get lost roaming in the forest
-Some things can get a tad repetitive

Alan Wake is a top notch game. I wouldn't say it was worth 6 years of waiting though, but what can you do?! I would recommend picking this game up regardless of your view point on it. Just remember to stay in the light...

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Best Game Ever

posted by MurRaiden (RACINE, WI) May 20, 2010

Member since May 2010

I find this game to be very enjoyable and very well developed. I think the one and only problem with it is that sometimes the talking animations appear to be slightly off otherwise i love the game all around.

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