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Very Good

An excellent game but...

posted by Phoehammer (MEDFORD, ME) May 23, 2010

Member since May 2010

Highlights: Fun and enganging combat system
Excellent lighting system really brings the game to life
Beautiful scenery reminds me why i live in maine
Characters are interesting and add to the fun
Game allows replay value via its hardest setting
Music is interesting,well blended, and a soundtrack replay is available after beating the game

Lowlifes: Ending is a massive dissapointment gameplay wise
Feels like there should've been more to the game (12 hours worth of play goes by fast when playing a game of this caliber)
Driving vehicles is tedious due to camera issues
Losing all my gear at the start of every new chapter is annoying

Fans of RE and SH alike are bound to enjoy this game.
The lighting system is so good its almost scary (i say almost becuase ever since game mode B of RE2 ive never felt as nervous about these games) that really brings life into this small town surrounded by mountains and forests and oh boy do you spend alot of time in the forests....i suppose i would've liked it better if the game didnt warn me eveytime i was about to be attacked.
Mainly i wish there was more meat to the game and a decent gameplay ending.
My 8 score rating stems from the fact theres no final boss fight....and no real puzzle. It goes against my nature to simply watch the ending of a game rather than fight off a main boss and leaves me feeling cheated.
The few driving portions the game has is a bit annoying as its extremely easy to miss the extras (and there are plently) that this game has such as manuscript pages T.V shows and hidden treasure.

Still this game is amazing and i wish the next RE follows its lead (brightly light african jungles doesnt make a good atomosphere for a survival horror game genre) this game is definetly worth a rent and i myself bought it becuase lets face it..good survival horror games are rare

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GF Rating



posted by emerica (SPARKS, NV) May 23, 2010

Member since May 2010

its a very good game for anyone who likes a good story line. if you didnt like it because of the game play then obviously you didnt play enough to get used to it. its a third person over the shoulder view which most games don't have. good for any action/horro fans.

pros: very good story line - good game play - works well with over the shoulder view - makes you want to keep playing
cons: camera angel every now and then gets twitchy

amazing game im shocked it only has an 8.8 rating. don't give this a bad rating just because youre bad at the game its honestly one of the best games i have ever played in a long time and ive played hundreds from xbox 360 - ps3 - wii. if you like the game just as much as i do then dont forget may 25th the book alan wake comes out.

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GF Rating


A Game that leaves you asking for more.

posted by george06 (OOLTEWAH, TN) May 23, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

Alan Wake is one of those few games that leaves you thinking about it long after you have finished it. The beginning is weak, but as you carry on in the game, it begins to drag you into its dark world. You are Alan Wake, a writer suffering from writers block, he has come to Bright Falls to break his writers block. Instead he becomes trapped in a story that he doesnt remember writing and to make things worse his wife is missing. He goes a journey that will take to the very heart of evil. This game left me wanting more and I can't wait for the DLC and the Sequel (those who beat the game and watched the credits know what Remedy told us at the end of the credits). I bought the Limited Edition, this isnt a rental its a must buy for any gamer!
It took me 10 hours to beat normal
There are 3 modes: Normal, Hard, and Nightmare.
50 Achievements worth 1000G
I got 495 on my first play through on normal.
I plan to work my way up to Nightmare.
Replay Value; HIGH

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