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GF Rating


Short game, But very satisfying

posted by Marc731 (COCONUT CREEK, FL) Mar 26, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

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Alan Wake was an unbelievable rental experience. In short, if you are looking to get sucked into a deep, rich, story driven experience with beautiful rendered environments and action packed gameplay, Alan Wake is a good option for you. For me, the strongest part of the game was the story. You are basically playing through a Steven King horror/thriller novel. Just be aware, it is very easy to get sucked so deeply into the game world to the point where you may end up having some odd dreams after a long gaming session before bed.

Gameplay follows close behind on it's strongest features. My heart would literally race every time enemies hit the screen. The slow motion dodges add teeth clenching near death experiences, which keep each action scene intense and satisfying. Like bullet time for Max Payne, the slow motion dodge is kind of the signature move for Alan Wake. Graphically, the game manages to cram an incredible amount of detail to all the environments. Some areas can feel dull, or almost copied from earlier parts of the game, but the key areas of the game are extremely fun to explore.

My only gripes about the game would be the lack replayability and somewhat of a questionable ending. Believe me, the story closes well. I was definitely satisfied. But the slight cliffhanger probably in the hopes of a sequel might be upsetting for some. The game probably took me 6 hours to complete. Thats including leisurely walking through areas to just enjoy its graphical detail, and searching for hidden items. Not a good game to buy, but an excellent choice as a gamefly rental.

In closing, rent this game now! You will absolutely get wrapped up in the story. Blasting a group of 4 'taken' (the name of the enemies in the game) in a beautiful slowmo action sequence and watching there bodies burn to ash as you barely survive the assault doesn't get old. Sure, you'll finish the game quickly. But you will do so well before you get bored of it.

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GF Rating


Far more than my expectations

posted by modrob12 (PORTLAND, OR) May 18, 2010

Member since Dec 2008

156 out of 181 gamers (86%) found this review helpful

I have been excited for this game. I am a fan of silent hill so I figured this would be up my alley. This is a new style of game altogether. Graphically contrasted to make the perfect mood in the game. Fighting mechanics are smooth and easy to understand. The story is told very clearly. You get more details about the story than you do in most other games. So far this game is an experience that is greater than I thought it would be. You can tell Remedy cared a lot about this game. It's a genuine thriller. There aren't Pros or Cons that would change your mind about playing it. If you simply like adventure/survival horror style games. Then you really need to check this out.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Pleasant surprise.

posted by EmperorHess (GIBSONIA, PA) Mar 5, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

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I put off picking this game up for months and months. I had a slight interest but just couldnt get excited for it. Now that I have gamefly I figured it would be a good time to give it a shot and Im really glad I did.

The graphics are really great and the pacing and story are equally well done. The game feels like you are playing through a really fun action-horror type movie and never really strays away from the narrative of the story (other than some silly collecting that was needlessly included). The only gripe you may walk away with is a somewhat repetitive feeling you may get from the flashlight shooting of objects. However this is only a minor snag in an otherwise fantastic game. (no game is perfect right?)

If you put this one off like I did, I really recommend adding it asap, the wait time should be quick and it was a very nice surprise.

Note: The ending may tick you off, as it is major cliffhanger. They do a good job of making you want to buy the DLC (can ya blame them?). I myself am pretty snobby about DLC and rarely spend the extra money, these things do cost $60 after all. While things like the Call of Duty map packs come across as a total scam, this is one of those rare occasions where I feel like it may be worth the money. Remedy has done a great job of sucking the player into the plot. Maybe I'll make an exception.

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