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Wishing for a better racer

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Dec 8, 2011

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Nowadays, it seems like anyone who wants to make a racing game for the Wii wants to make one that tries build on the success of the Mario Kart Wii game (or maybe even a Mario racing game before that). But all they end up doing is rehashing everything that made Mario Kart Wii great, and releasing a product of much lesser quality.
Aladdin Magic Racer is yet another one of those game. There are five racers and 8 courses in the game, and I like the fact that everything’s unlocked to begin with.
But this game really lacks in imagination: the courses are forgettable; the powerups are the same you get from the any other game in the genre; the characters have no personality or story; there’s no difference between any of the five vehicles, the magic carpets, in the game; the presentation is really basic and the graphics are lacking.
What makes this game worse is they try to stretch the meager content by giving us “Reverse Race” tracks, which are the normal tracks flipped horizontally.
There are five mini games, but they don’t add much to the mix. Up to four players can play this game, but there are much better choices than this to fulfill a racer’s need (Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing instantly comes to mind.) And you can play this with the WiiFit accessory, but if you don’t have the accessory, then you’re out of luck (besides, every racing game that uses the WiiFit accessory only lets one player use that accessory; the other players have to use the tilting Wiimote controls).
Aladdin Magic Racer is just another racer that falls way short of the mark due to lack of creativity in the track designs, the magic carpets, the racers, and the weapons used in the races. SKIP IT.

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