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Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None

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Interesting. But...

posted by zeldafan93 (GLENWOOD SPRINGS, CO) Apr 5, 2008

Member since Mar 2008

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I thought I would really love this game. I adore the Nancy Drew PC series and this is similar. But I did not even finish the game. Finding the trigger to get to the next level is nearly impossible in some cases. And it wasn't very much of a "thriller mystery." I was hoping to witness some scary murders, but instead, someone would usually just comment that so-and-so died. An occasional scream, but nothing alarming. I was hoping it could live up to its teen rating. The only thing that makes it worth the T rating is because of the complexity of it. It might be worth a rent, but don't buy it.

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I was looking forward to this game, but...

posted by rossta (DAVIS, CA) Mar 12, 2008

Member since Oct 2007

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When I was a little kid I watched Agatha Christie shows on "Mystery!"(A&E)with my family. The thought of the same suspenseful type of story coming to the Wii was exciting. I was expecting too much.

I assumed that because the game had been developed for a current platform that it would rival games like The Godfather, and Zelda in it's graphics quality... not at all. But that isn't what really got me, it is the fact that you cannot simply move the character across the screen, and, you only get one point of view in each room. Sure you can hear a fire in the first sitting room, but you can't see it. Even if you could it would probably be a cut-scene. Other than that, some of the voice over work is pretty good, and the graphics are at least shiny.

Unfortunately, the game limits you to staying in certain areas for certain "chapters", and some characters will not interact with you (understandable) and they just tell you to go away, booooring (bring a book!). Oh and you get some interesting dry British wit, like, "A radiator, you can't have enough of those", and there are many. Also, the character you play will often say, "I won't do that", or "That's not appropriate", or "The content doesn't interest me", when you are trying to find clues or use objects.

Really, the most obnoxious aspect of this game is that you cannot see around rooms (just one angle), and you are not allowed to move the character except by clicking over to another frame. I was terribly disappointed, shame.

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And Then There's This Rubbish

posted by gamerantah (MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA) Mar 5, 2008

Member since Aug 2007

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I was so disappointed by this game. The revised story is horrendous. The new character, the player, is badly integrated into the story. If I were any of the other characters, I'd suspect him -- he creeps into their bedrooms while they are sleeping! Yet, while he'll voyeuristically watches the suspects sleep he adamantly refuses to look in their luggage, claiming that's private. He also repeatedly states he's not a pack rat but will easily grab a different item nearby (and everything else on the island, including a tall ladder). Questioning suspects is easy: just hit the button until he walks off. Really. There are no decisions to make. The character models are okay but there's no attempt at lip sync and they are, apparently, all blind because they never properly interact with their surroundings. Okay, a couple of positive comments: the scenery is detailed and attractive and the weather effects convincing. Oddly, after I shipped this back to Gamefly I wanted to play again. Why? I guess I'm a masochist. However this is still a repetitive game that follows a very linear, rigid path. By chapter four I just wanted to take the axe from the shed and hack the remaining suspects. And then there's me.

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