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Above Average

Good Game

posted by BillSmurf (CASPER, WY) May 15, 2010

Member since Jul 2008

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Afrika is a game like Pokemon Snap, just not as good (Pokemon Snap is one of my favorite games). This is why.
Story: You are a photographer is Africa that...well...takes pictures. There isn't much story.
Gameplay: Like Pokemon Snap, you go around taking pictures of animals, and no, you won't see Pikachu here. It's pretty darn good. Unfortunately, load times are awful. In the time I wrote this review, I'm still trying to spend the night in a tent. So, over 30 minutes at least. This is ridiculous, and just plain bad. However, many animals appear, so that's good. Your camera is upgraded throughout the game, making better zoom and other features.
Graphics: Not good, period. While moving with my binoculars, the frame rate dropped, to the point that the hippo in the water looked like a blob. Also, aside from graphics, the music is very nice.
Trophies: Trophies are almost all mission related, and all secret. The platinum is time consuming, but not overly difficult.
Overall, maybe rent this, but not buy.

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GF Rating

Above Average

It's Not Bad

posted by vernic34 (WILLIAMSPORT, PA) Mar 1, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

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First off I think IGN was a little harsh with giving this game a 3.5. I think your overall enjoyment with this game will be determined by your interest in the subject. If you are like me and enjoy the animal kingdom and especially cheetahs, you will enjoy this more. Now I'm not saying this game is perfect because it is most certainly not. Nothing can hide the at times choppy framerate and lackluster graphics in some sequences. The jeep you are stuck with is quite possibly the worst part of the experience. All in all though I found this game enjoyable after getting past the flaws above. If you are a fan of unlocking as you go you will enjoy this. I found I kept on playing to unlock more animals and areas. The big game events are also pretty cool and help keep the game a little fresh. Also if you are a trophy person, it doesn't get much easier than this game.

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GF Rating


Nostalgia for Pokemon Snap

posted by Elranzer (WYNANTSKILL, NY) Nov 11, 2009

Member since May 2006

6 out of 7 gamers (86%) found this review helpful

If you're a gamer that enjoys niche titles such as ocean and photography games, this is the game for you. If you've played and enjoyed Pokemon Snap for the N64 in the past, and were waiting for a successor, this is the game to quench your thirst.

Basically, you run around a 3D sandbox environment, like an extremely simplified version of Grand Theft Auto, with nothing but your camera and your scout vehicle. The basic premise is to locate all 60 animals, take a photo of each and send them back to headquarters, who will then send you missions based on the animal. You will receive missions to take photos of animals in specific poses, action shots, etc. Item upgrades and accessories allow you to take more complex shots.

A small but beautiful musical score accompanies gorgeous textures and character models. The game is officially 720p, and displays flawlessly on a 720p monitor. On a 1080p display, you may notice some artifacts of page tearing that is normal when playing 720p games on it, but it is not very noticeable and doesn't distract from the overall experience.

PS3 trophies compliment your in-game achievements. Patient gamers will easily be able to collect all trophies (including a Platinum trophy) in 20-40 hours of total game time.

If you've taken a chance with niche games such as Endless Ocean, Cooking Mama, Touch Detective, Trauma Center, etc and enjoyed them, you can't go wrong by giving this game a chance. Definitely rent the game first to see if you'll enjoy it before making a purchase.

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