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Above Average

Not A Bad Game, Just Bad Development

posted by NiN814 (OIL CITY, PA) Oct 18, 2009

Member since Aug 2009

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Since there are TONS of biased opinions of this title, I'm going to break this game down by ALL aspects thinking like a DEVELOPER rather than just a GAMER. I want to start off by saying...

This game is EXACTLY like Pokemon Snap, but with a bit more player control, customization, and no childish little monsters.

With this being said, if you DON'T like Pokemon Snap, you are NOT going to like this. You are going to find it boring and repetitive and get no personal satisfaction whatsoever. However, "boring" is not a valid review in my opinion, and really NOT helpful if you have no idea what this game is. On the other hand, if you ARE a fan of nature, Pokemon Snap, or just curious, this is definitely worth a try. You will be amazed with the level of detail put into the model's animations and the amount of work into the scenery and effects. The environment and lighting is beautiful, but a few textures here and there look like they could benefit from being a bit bigger and not so stretched (grass and dirt in particular)

Fans of Snap will love that you are no longer restricted to a track. You can hop out of the vehicle, as well as crouch and sidestep once out. However, you are not allowed to wander too far from your jeep, but you can cover quite a bit of ground before being prompted.

It appears that you can customize many things, such as your camera and its capacity, as well as other tools. But unfortunately, not your playable character.

Missions are highly challenging and can be a little time consuming. You may find yourself standing in an area for awhile in order to get the PERFECT shot. I personally like that, after all, what good is a game with FAST and EASY missions?

Load AND save times take WAY too long. The dialogue is horrible and restricted to subtitles. Bad UI design, but don't blame the rest of the game for all that. Poor development, but you have to give it to them for stepping outside the box on this, which is Natsume's best quality as a developer.

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GF Rating


Not the best but not the worst

posted by Ashlee06 (PEORIA, AZ) Aug 11, 2010

Member since Dec 2005

2 out of 2 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

Its in between. This game really depends on your interests. if you like wondering around waiting for the right moment for a certain picture, then driving all the way back to base camp to turn it in and complete the mission then this game is for you. If your not...well... don't bother because thats pretty much all this game is. You start out as a novice photographer in Africa ( why is it spelled Afrika)?, and work your way up. At first i though of it as a break from the usual games made for PS3 but then it got very repetitive and boring i didn't even finish it. You can't shoot a huge aggressive animal thats flat charging at you, you only wake up at the base camp whatever hours later. And you have to take stupid pictures like a hippo yawning and a male ostrich making a mating move! Thats pretty much all there is to the game, taking pictures, finishing a region, and unlocking the next to take more pictures. Talking with your partner is limited to silent subtitles and jeep driving is almost impossible without hitting something. And if you dare try on purpose or accidentally run over an animal your partner just yells at you something like "we should not disturb the environment"! On the plus side the game has excellent graphics, the animals look and behave realistically. They also move like their real life counterparts.

All in all here are my ratings

Graphics: Excellent. As i stated before the animals look and behave realistically, as does the environments

Music: Good. Ironically the best music in the game (just about the only) is when your partner is driving you to a new location. Something along the lines of Indiana Jones

Gameplay: fair. Very repetitive but if photography is your passion then this is for you

Sound fx: Excellent. The animals made the noises they should such as an angry elephant trumpet, and the hyenas. The background nature noises were good

I would recommend this game to anyone who loves photography. Plain and simple. If not then skip this

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GF Rating

Very Good

I like it

posted by gsize19 (MORROW, OH) Jun 4, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

2 out of 2 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

I think the game's graphics are pretty cool... As an animal lover, it is pretty cool to see an African Safari type game... It isn't going to be a game for everyone, as it does become a little repetitive. Cool graphics, cool scenery, all in all a good game to change things up... I am more of a sports game fan, NHL, MLB, NFL, but occasionally I like to see what some of the other things that are out there, and this game gave me a nice change of pace. It is definetly worth a rental, but I could see where if I bought this game, I would probably put it down for good after a few days, not justifying the price tag...

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