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Advance Wars: Dual Strike


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one of the best

posted by drunkyb (FORT WORTH, TX) Sep 2, 2006

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Member since Mar 2006

This is an exceptional game. I have played many war-strategy type of games (including all on the ds and tons on pc) and i have never sunk to the depths of entertainment as i am, right now, with this title. with the fun stylus use, the entertaining characters, and the story itself this is a very very good game. Easily one of my top five on the nintendo ds.

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GF Rating

Very Good

For most gamers,you cant go wrong with this game.

posted by mooserule (LARCHMONT, NY) Jul 23, 2006

Member since Jul 2006

As Nintendos handheld rolled out onto shelves, many were wondering when this game would hit the shelves more than any other. The advance wars games on G.B.A were extremely popular, and this game doesn't disappoint either. Although the story is clich├ęd, you wont really care once you get into combat. Whether you have to build up and army and destroy your enemy, capture an objective or do other more specific thing, its fun and the gamplay is incredibly easy to pick up and play, There are even more new units to wreak havoc on your foes, such as the Megatank, a tank that has 5 massive barrels that wastes almost all enemies in one blow, The Aircraft carrier, which can hold and refuel Jets and other aerial vehicles, and the stealth fighter/bomber, which can cloak to move undetected. However, no unit is invincible, and a number of balances in advance wars make sure there are no "just get this and you win" units. For instance, the megatank is vastly expensive, and has only 3 barrages before having to be restocked, either at base or by an APC. The Aircraft carrier can only attack air units, and can only hold 2 air units at a time. And the Stealth fighter/bomber, when cloaked, loses fuel at almost twice the normal rate. There are also special units in certain missions, such as huge, artillery-turret lined bases, massive bomb dropping airships and later, even a satellite(i wont reveal its purpose, for spoiler reasons). So there is a variety in the missions that other games of this genre lack. Sometimes, though, the missions do feel either cheap or exact copy's of previous missions, but happens mainly to people new to the series, but even still, they should put this on their Q. Along with single player, there's skirmishes, a map editor and competitive multi player via 2 or more DS`s. So if your a fan of the series or an turn based strategy lover, this game is a 9 for you. But for people who aren't too interested(but should still try it)I give this game an 8.

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Turn Based Strategy / Tactics DS Style

posted by Unwound (SACRAMENTO, CA) Jul 5, 2006

Member since Jun 2006

Turn Based Strategy / Tactics games have long been a passion of mine, and this game has quickly become my favorite in the genre.

Why would I prefer this game over say Civilization IV, Heroes of Might and Magic V, or Final Fantasy Tactics? Simply put, this game combines many of the best attributes that have led to the success of the aforementioned franchises.

Advance Wars: Dual Strike has a friendly approachable cartoonish style appropriate for any age group. The Game play is easy to grasp, but quickly becomes more complicated as you are pitted against greater odds, and increasingly complicated AI's. The Scenarios in the game often are simple enough to complete in less than half an hour, which by my opinion is right on the money for a portable game.

This is a game that I would recommend to anyone who owns a DS system. Especially if they enjoy the Turn Based Genre.

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