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A Great Old-School Advance Wars Title

posted by ichiji (OAKLAND, CA) Sep 9, 2009

Member since Apr 2006

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The original Advance Wars was simply one of the best games ever on GBA. It was also a great strategy game in its own right -- electronic or not. At a certain point I decided I should just cement it into my GBA because I didn't want to play anything else. (Until I found Megaman Battle Network, but that's another story.)

This title goes back to the original formula, and that's all good. The last title (Days of Whatsit) got too far away from that. This title is back to the old look and feel, and the old mood -- more upbeat. The mission maps are well designed and just the right amount of challenge.

My only gripe about this title is that it doesn't have the many War Room maps that the last title did. Also, I wished I could turn off the special CO features -- I prefer the "pure" game play. (Maybe there were settings to change this but I did not find them, though I completed the mission storyline.) The "tag" feature seemed a bit like cheating to me, and I barely liked it more when it was my turn to take advantage of it than when it was used against me.

But those are minor gripes. It's a great game.

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Instant Classic

posted by Kagenin (ROCKLIN, CA) Apr 18, 2006

Member since Jan 2006

11 out of 16 gamers (69%) found this review helpful

This is one of those "must have" titles for DS. The gameplay is simple to learn, but the strategies are deep and complex - a lot like chess or other strategy-type board games. The music is really good, actually, and the graphics are pretty good, too.

If you like deep gameplay that you can spend hours engrossed in, pick it up. If you trip over your own IQ, and require a game with gratuitous sexuality or violence, well, then don't waste your time. Maybe get a PSP instead?

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Really Bad

I hate it

posted by btlejongo (MODESTO, CA) Apr 28, 2006

Member since Mar 2006

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upon entering this game i thought i was in luck. i read all the other reviews and they all say that this is the bestest game for the DS or whatever.

The first thing i noticed about this game was the very dorky main character. he by far wins my award for the most dorkiest character EVER. he says things like..."word" and (a direct quote) "you should be all like, what up now black hole" i guess they were just trying to make this person seem and talk like a real person would in today's world, but it just looks stupid when its written down and especially when its in a video game.

i must be really handicapped or something because i thought this game, though it seemed quite solid, was very hard! i couldn't even pass the 5th mission or so. i must have missed something, because i had no idea how to use each unit to its full potential.

i just don't agree with the people that say that this is a 10 or that this is a must have for the DS. i just plain didn't like it. it didn't interest me and i thought it was very ...lame. so with this i concluded and realized that i don't like war strategy games... or just strategy games in general.

-Good Gaming.....Jongo

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