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Perfect Strategy Game

posted by Kimoon (BROOKLYN, NY) Apr 27, 2006

Member since Jan 2003

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The Advance Wars series has provided a deep strategy game for the Game Boy Advance and now has done so for the DS. While the Advance Wars: Black Hole was a marginally improved game from the original the DS version makes a big enough leap in terms of new features but maintains the original gameplay that veterans of the series has learn to love.

The graphics of the game are quirky. Even though it is a deep involved war simulation the game has very cute graphics. Oddly enough it works. The games battle animations and the facial expression of the commanders as they win and lose battles are often hysterical to watch. However with that said, you will turn off the animation since they do get repetitive.

The turning of the animation isn’t a knock against its graphics though. It is more of a testament to the addictive gameplay. The game is so good you will want to squeeze in many turn as possible. The game AI is awesome and will give plenty of challenge to anyone. There is a decent storyline in to the main campaign and the game also has enough maps and CO to extend the life of the game as a single player or multiplayer.

The features of the DS are implemented well into the game. The top screen usually displays information on either terrain or unit that has been selected. While you can control your units with the stylus should you choose to do so. One of the new features is a double screen battle. Where air units will fight on the top screen (automatically, but you have to send reinforcement) while ground troops fight on the bottom. This adds a whole new tactical element to the game. The other new feature is using two CO. This adds a lot of new strategical elements since each CO has advantages and disadvantages.

Advance Wars DS will be instantly familiar to those who played the series before but has enough new features to make the game fun again. For those new to the series this is easily the best game of the bunch.

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Extremely Fun and Highly Addictive Strategy Combat

posted by HybridMark (SAMMAMISH, WA) Apr 12, 2008

Member since Apr 2008

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This game improves upon everything that the GBA games had. Those games were great, of course, but this one was even better. And I can't tell you how addicted I was to it. There were missions that made me so angry because I'd have to replay them several times, but I could not take a break and come back later. I HAD to beat them.

Check this game out if you like strategy games like Fire Emblem (although this does not have RPG elements, I still believe any Fire Emblem fan would absolutely love it). Great characters, cool story, awesome vehicles. Rent it!

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Very Good

Only for those who have played the previous games!

posted by gameexpert13 (FREDERICKSBURG, VA) Aug 16, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

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The difficulty in this game is high so it's pretty much labeled that you should first get some practice with the 2 previous games before playing this one. Problem is gamefly doesn't have them available. otherwise this would be a fantastic game for those who love strategy games.

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