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Action packed with RPG tweaking...

posted by Benjovi (DAYTON, OH) Sep 2, 2006

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I never played the original Guardian Heroes on the Saturn (but than again, who played the Saturn). This game is excellent fun for RPG and action gamers alike, and since it's GBA, it's helped me kill many long hours while waiting on my lunchbreaks.

The gameplay is hardcore beat up the bad guy moves with a decent magic system thrown in. The character can block, counterattack, or cast with just a push of a button. All the enemies drop experience, so you level up fast. The RPG part takes place between levels. As you finish a level, you can increase your stats. There's also a limit meter that fills up as you attack and take damage. When full, you can enter "Hyper Mode" and really kick butt, for about 10 seconds. However, this one does get a little boring once you've played through, so it's not for everyone. Difficulty isn't so broad. Easy and Normal are cake, Hard is a tad more skillful, but still no impossible challenge, and Very Hard is at times frustrating, but still more pleasing to the experienced. The game's story mode is a little short as well. I finish usually in an hour or less if I don't shut it off first, and there's a good amount of talking between levels. There's also Training mode, VS mode, where you can beat up on a friend, and a Time attack mode where you kill tons of enemies quickly. The game's replay value is what made me buy it. By beating Time Attack a number of times, you unlock 20 or so hidden characters you see in story mode (even the bad guys). Each of them have different stats and magic, but most of them have the same Ice/Fire/Lightning magic as your starting characters do and some of them only have one magic attack where the others get 5, a little unfair.

It's pretty hard to please both the RPG and action crowd with all the other games out there, and there are certainly more interesting console versions of the same thing, but this one could be a sleeper for the GBA

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