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Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception


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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Ace tactic I: Downward Spiral

On levels with ship armadas (except the first one) first target a ship. Fly near the ship and hit the acceleration button and fly upward. When you fly upward enough, fly down while spiraling and fire with a gun or if you wish for less dangerous tactics use a missile.

Ace tactic II: Colbat Cave weave Part 1

In this mission, choose a slower plane, but not too slow because there is still a part 2 in the mission. As you choose the wepon such as a missle or bomb, pick the a long range missle. When you destroy as many radars as you can in the first turn, speed up and fly far from the radars and anti-air emplacements. Then make a sharp turn and start firing on the others and repeat untill you have destroyed all of them. (Don't waste all of you missles).

Ace tactics II: Colbat Cave weave Part 2

Upon the second part of the mission first destroy the 2 ships out there (try to ignore any planes following you). Then move on to the caves and do not weave around the islands, fly over them. Before it explodes, fly upward and out. Then do the step in "Ace tactics II: Colbat Cave weave Part 1" which is fly far away, make a sharp turn, and repeat the steps, and you'll be done with the mission in no time flat.