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Who wants to play tetris

posted by Axisfighter (WAUNAKEE, WI) Oct 25, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

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I think tetris is about par with my enjoyment of this game.
Ive loved ace combat for years. The nice story lines and the fun combat, butt this just killed it.
Its the first ace cobat game I coudn't complete. Dispite wanting to rush through the other missions to fly a plane and the plane parts was a nice add on, the combat itself was poor at best. Constantly haveing to dog fight to kill opponents and constantly being engaged in a dog fight by opponents who at times took days to get off your six. You also could fire 50 missles and hit nothing but air as the enemy fighters turn on a dime at 600mph. The game took away from being a pilot and turned it to another arcade game. They say if it ain't broke don't fix it. So now that it is broke. I just hope they fix it.

Or im just gonna stick to tetris for my arcade game.

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Bad favorite game series died...

posted by Laggmaster (POCATELLO, ID) Dec 11, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

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where to start...

the good:
decent graphics
i got to fly a plane

the bad:
dogfight mode forced upon player
forced to play chopper missions
story is not set in the Ace Combat universe but the real world
overly repetitive

i have been a long time fan of the Ace combat series playing them ever since PS1 and have got to say this is the worst one yet. it feels like i am being forced not to be a fighter pilot but instead a janitor that is forced to sweep up all of the monkey poo that gets thrown around because the friendly AI cant do anything but the Enemy AI can do impossible things like make 90 degree turns at 250mph or deploy 300 flares because the game wants me to go into dogfight mode....

and then there are the chopper missions... Who decided to put chopper/gunner missions into a fighter pilot game?

after playing threw this game in around 6hrs i couldn't help get the feeling that the series is turning into COD we will see a yearly reiteration of it at half the cost to the development team because all they have to do is change the missions/maps slightly....

Needless to say im glad i rented this one and didnt buy it. Namco has ruined one of my favorite franchises and they will only get one more chance to fix it with the next game before i wont ever play another one...

bottom line if you love ace combat games this is probably not for you i

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Really Bad

So disappointed

posted by Lyniaer (WILLIAMSPORT, PA) Oct 15, 2011

Member since Oct 2009

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I was really looking forward to the next AC game...then I realized Namco was taking over the reigns and my heart sank. Stupid as I am I went out and bought it instead of renting it. Big mistake.
Namco needs to give this back up to Konami because AH just plain sucks.
1. Your AI is hopeless. They don't give a dam about you.
2. Enemy AI doesn't give a dam about your ally AI. Your wingmen just take up space in the sky and annoy you with relentless radio chatter going on about how useless they are.
3. All the action is so fast-paced and jarring you can't really get into the game or give a dam about the story or the characters.
4. If the radio tells you to focus on "Target" and your allies will cover you...fat chance of that. You best come prepared to do ALL the work, and I mean all of it. If you have to shoot down a bomber (which some take 20 missiles in the poochute) you'll have so many escort fighters jamming rockets into your exhaust you'll have no choice but to take them all out, then your target. And you best do it fast. Take more than 60 seconds on 1 errant plane, you may as well eat the ground and start over.
4. The Dogfight and Ground assault modes suck out all the fun and skill of the original games.
5. Controls for handling the Apache portions of the game are so bad...just...bad...baaaaad.
6. Some enemies are purely invincible and are simply there to rattle your FREAKIN' nerves; which is insulting. Yellow Squadron was tough but at least you could take one down and startle them hilariously over the radio.

This game is not worth the disc it's printed on.
Konami.. Where are you?!

If Namco holds the copyright, now... I'm done with the AC series. So sad to see it go out like this trying to imitate an FPS like CoD. These games make their money because they're NOT Call of Duty yet everyone tries to emulate the winners... Even if they're a dozen Genre's apart from each other.

Dumb, dumb, dumb Idiots. This is the ET of the 7th? Gen cons

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