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posted by Mr_McSkee (RENTON, WA) Jan 14, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

This game was the epitome of a disappointment. The graphics are AMAZING thats the only good thing i have to say about it. The Designers took the user out of the game in parts which for Ace Combat is BLASPHEMY. HOW DARE YOU take the User out of the game. The “Dog Fight” capability of the game when you are chasing the opponent through the buildings is what i mean. you dont have to drive the Jet you just have to “Shoot the Missile/Guns”. thats ABSOLUTELY POINTLESS. there was NO reason for it. When a Pilot is taken out of a game what do you have a UN MANNED DRONE. THATS NOT SUPPOSE TO HAPPNE IN ACE COMBAT. I’ll put it like this i went a bought the game before it was released a FULL "59.99US dollars" and i was so DOWN RIGHT excited to see another Ace Combat since i LOVED the others with all my Heart and Soul. I dreamed of being a Pilot ever since i was a child but due to physical issues that didnt happen.

I was about as happy as a kid in a candy store, or a Tornado in a Trailer Park, what ever analogy you want to put in here that was me. i couldnt open it fast enough.

After starting the game i WAS SO DOWNRIGHT IRRATE that the next day i took the game back and DEMANDED A (FULL REFUND).

This was the MOST disappointing game of the series. it could have been the best, adding the Helicopters into the game should have been good.

The targeting of the game is so STUPID simple that it takes ZERO SKILL TO DO IT. My 2yr Old NEPHEW who has NEVER played a game in his entire life could do it. However this is really only my opinion. but being a AVID lover of the Ace Combat Series this was the MOST disappointing of all the games. I will NOT recommend this game to my worst enemy. Its outright TERRIBLE.

If i could rate this game below 1 Believe me I WOULD RATE IT IN A HEART BEAT.

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auto-center and roll/barrel roll

posted by mqc (REDDING, CA) Jun 30, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

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I have never been so mad at a game in my life!!!

You cannot roll your aircraft, it is imposable! I could not fallow enemy's log enough to use the semi active radar missiles, because of auto-center and no rolling!!!

I cannot kill makorav, to save my werewolf 2 wingman.
instead i die!!! auto-center

it auto-centers, this "auto-center" system gets me killed over and over ........

I ask my self do they know that aircraft can perform a roll/barrel roll? and that a pilot can roll to turn sharp, and that auto-center will not affect a real plane/pilot! auto center is NOT "auto pilot!" this system was a choice in "ace combat 6" It should have stayed just that, A CHOICE!!!!

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What were they thinking?

posted by snelss0 (TWIN FALLS, ID) Jan 30, 2012

Member since Jan 2012

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Ace Combat over the years has come out with some good games, but whatever were they thinking with this one. Not only can you not roll your plane (killing half of the hemisphere of maneuverability) but most of the fun of the dog fight is taken out due to a new "dogfight" system. The frustration felt from taking out all realism of flying a plane made this game an instant return.

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