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Still arcadey but much harder

posted by gorgeousp (HAMPTON, VA) Oct 29, 2007

Member since Jul 2007

64 out of 77 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

Best Ace Combat to date of course with it now running on the 360. The planes look very realistic as do the explosions. Terrain is still the old PS2 terrain with cardboard cutout buildings and roads but who has time to view the scenery when you are in a fire fight in the air huh? Well to get to the point:

- Enemy AI is much smarter. Its much harder to shoot down enemies. Expect to waste missles (which is why you get so many). These guys fly like G's are non existent
- Friendly AI is improved. Your wingman actually kills people as do your ground forces (given that you've taken out a good amount of opposition for them to stand a chance). You can also call in the calvary if you build up enough mojo
- More of a "finish missions any way you want" game. There are numerous missions with 3 or more objectives. Finish them in any order as long as you complete 2 out of 3 (or whatever they tell you to finish).

- Cutscenes can be skipped
- takes quite a few missions to unlock decent fighters
- terrain is still ugly
- during numerous battles there are so many planes around you dont know who is locked on, who is shooting at you and where the heck is your wingman, newbies may need to start on the easy level
- SPOILER: Another one of those "how the heck am i supposed to finish that" missions where you have to fly through a tunnel almost smaller than your aircraft

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You Won't Want To Come Down

posted by Pandaberr (COLLEGE STATION, TX) Nov 15, 2007

Member since Nov 2007

14 out of 16 gamers (88%) found this review helpful

This is the closest thing to being an actual fighter pilot without actually stepping into the cockpit. The graphics are some of the best I've ever seen, even the ground looks incredible. Gameplay is extremely intense, as every mission feels like an all-out war in itself. The audio is great and fits each situation perfectly. Only complaints are that the story is a little cliché, and the game, is kind of short. Otherwise if you like the series, or just have a passing interest in what it would be like to be a fighter pilot, you should definitely check this game out.

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Best Flight-Sim for XBOX 360 so far

posted by cbsmith (NOVATO, CA) Oct 27, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

12 out of 14 gamers (86%) found this review helpful

This game has been the best flight-sim game I have played on the XBOX 360. The graphics are absolutely amazing and make you want to play it more and more.

When I first started the game and the tutorials, it reminded me of the demo which was just...OK. As the game goes on, you become immersed in rich landscapes, detailed aircraft and cool weapon systems. I could not keep myself from playing this game all night long as I earned new aircraft and progressed into harder and more challenging missions.

The game does have a somewhat weird story line and it just goes on and on sometimes, but lucky for us, the developers allow you to skip these "movies" by pressing start and get on with blowing things up. Another thing that bothered me was the fictional names of countries and cities, and sometimes I can't help but laugh at it. They could of come up with a better story line ("fly with the angles", please) and names like "Gracemeria", or whatever it is called. And they have massive flying aircraft carriers and long tunnels you fly through in mountains (the best missions so far), so that is also not realistic, but very fun to play.

The controls are great for a flight-sim with only having the 14 buttons or so for doing everything. It was a little tricky at first, but once you play a few missions, you'll have it down.

It is also great that you can save your replays and control the different angles of the camera and go to fast-forward or slow motion, just no reverse.

The jets are awesome and so are the weapons. It is classic that they give you 120 or so missiles, unlimited ammo (bullets), and 25-40+ special weapons that regenerate after a few seconds, and you can land at airports off the map to resupply. Not very realistic in the real world, but it works for this game.

Wish there were more missions (11 total I think), but going to try out the XBOX LIVE on this game, and it should be fun.

I recommend renting this game if your into flight-sim/arcade.

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