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Easier but still fun

posted by Delirium (SOUTH MILWAUKEE, WI) Jun 19, 2008

Member since Jan 2007

One thing I always loved about the Phoenix Wright games was the challenging cases. However, I couldn't help but feel they dumbed down the cases in this case. Still, that didn't keep me from enjoying the storyline and climax of each case.

I almost passed this game up because it quit using the Phoenix Wright protagonist and started with Apollo Justice: Rookie Lawyer, once again.

Without revealing anything, I have to say the conclusion of the game made it all worth to go through the cases to reach the finish. I would definitely recommend this game to any Phoenix Wright fans. If you haven't played the first games yet, I would do so because you're liable to get lost or you just won't have that exciting feeling when you meet the characters of the past game once again!

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This Oldlady wants a little more detecting....

posted by oldlady (LIVERMORE, CA) Jun 18, 2008

Member since May 2008

....and far less talking.

I am of the age when Point and Click adventure games were at their peak; when Leisure Suit Larry was not just an excuse to be a pervert, when King's Quest meant an epic new fantasy, and when Lucas didn't just mean Star Wars. So, I was frankly ecstatic to find out that the DS offers point and click games, games that you have to use your brain rather than your trigger finger, though I do love GTA IV, but that's another story.

I guess I was expecting too much, which I can accept. What I cannot accept is that this game is just plain boring.

Let me explain. These people do nothing but talk. And it isn't interesting conversation. AND you have to go back over some of it over and over in order to get the right result. There's very little voice acting and what there is is incredibly annoying. The detecting is non-existent, although some of it did pique my interest. So much more could have been done here.

Graphics 7/10 mediocre.

Music 7/10 Ok, but again repetitive.

Story 8/10 That at least was interesting.

User friendliness 5/10 There's several parts where you have to pixel hunt (one of the worst things in ANY P and C adventure).

Overall, if you really want to play a good Point and Clicker, there are some out there for the PC even now. I recommend, if you are into detecting, the Sherlock Holmes series, and even the Agatha Christie's, because if you have the patience for this game you surely should be willing to play games with much better graphics and steller storylines.

The Oldlady in Livermore.

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Wow. terrible.

posted by DaleDaleso (GIG HARBOR, WA) Jun 15, 2008

Member since Oct 2007

I didn't realize I was going just be reading and clicking the same button over and over again.

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