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ATV: Quad Power Racing


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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

ATVs and Tracks

Submit the password Frog, Frog, Helmet, Speed Burst, Tire. The speed burst icon is an arrow pointing up.

  • Frog, Frog, Helmet, Speed Burst, Tire
    All ATVs and tracks
  • Wheel, Wheel, Lightning, Lightning, Speed Burst
    All ATVs and tracks
Level Codes

Enter password

  • Lightning, Lightning, ATV, Wheel, Lightning
    Level 1 Stock
  • Wheel, Helmet, Wheel, Helmet, Helmet
    Level 2 Stock
  • Helmet, Speed, Burst, Speed, Burst, Speed, Burst, ATV
    Level 3 Stock
  • ATV, Lightning, Wheel, Lightning, Wheel
    Level 4 Stock
  • Lightning, Wheel, Speed, Burst, Helmet, Speed, Burst
    Level 5 Stock
  • Wheel, Speed, Burst, Lightning, ATV, Lightning
    Level 6 Stock
  • Helmet, ATV, Speed, Burst, Lightning, Helmet
    Level 7 Stock
  • ATV, Wheel, Lightning, Wheel, ATV
    Level 8 Stock
  • Lightning, Helmet, Helmet, ATV, Wheel
    Level 1 Pro
  • Wheel, ATV, Lightning, Lightning, Speed, Burst
    Level 2 Pro
  • Speed, Burst, Lightning, Helmet, Helmet, Lightning
    Level 3 Pro
  • ATV, Wheel, ATV, Speed, Burst, Helmet
    Level 4 Pro
  • Lightning, Speed, Burst, Helmet, Lightning, ATV
    Level 5 Pro
  • Wheel, ATV, ATV, Helmet, Wheel
    Level 6 Pro
  • Speed, Burst, Wheel, Wheel, Speed, Burst, Speed, Burst
    Level 7 Pro
  • ATV, Helmet, ATV, Lightning, Lightning
    Level 8 Pro
  • Lightning, ATV, Wheel, Helmet, Helmet
    Level 1 Open
  • Helmet, Lightning, Speed, Burst, Speed, Burst, ATV
    Level 2 Open
  • Speed, Burst, Helmet, Wheel, Lightning, Wheel
    Level 3 Open
  • ATV, Speed, Burst, Speed, Burst, Wheel, Speed, Burst
    Level 4 Open
  • Wheel, Lightning, Lightning, ATV, Lightning
    Level 5 Open
  • Helmet, Wheel, Speed, Burst, Lightning, Helmet
    Level 6 Open
  • Speed, Burst, Speed, Burst, Lightning, Wheel, ATV
    Level 7 Open
  • ATV, ATV, Helmet, Speed, Burst, Wheel
    Level 8 Open