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AR Tonelico 2: Melody of MetaFalica


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GF Rating

Very Good

an ultimate ps2 game

posted by happythug (VANCOUVER, WA) Feb 25, 2009

Member since Oct 2007

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First warning!

This game has LOTS of text. Most of it is interesting, some of it is not.

This game is also very kinky and perverted with tons of sexual innuendo. Metafalica? Falic? heheheheh. Your super move is called "Ultimate Penetration", your female party members scream things like. "I want more, give me more, and NO HARDER" They are really talking about battle(yeah sure) but the innuendo is definitely there.

Battle is fun, and you are always collecting parts to synth new gear and items. Its perfectly unique with many layers. A very skilled and observant player can really exploit the combo system. I, however was not really that skilled, but managed to plow through using other means.

The battle system has many layers so it is hard to describe. Basically 1 or 2 characters engage in melee while 1 or 2 other characters are being protected while they build up power for their mighty, MIGHTY song magic. While fighting melee to build up your song magic, you have many objectives. Chaining attacks together gives you more time for your turn to charge up your magic and attack more. Additionally, you have 4 actions you can perform while meleeing. Syncing these up with the desires of your girly partners is critical. It takes quite a while to understand how combat works, but its very fun.

Graphically, this is the best Nippon Ichi game I've seen, and I've played most of them. Its actualy impressive and the cartoony style looks good even on my 1080p HD set.

I really liked the music, though some will find it cheesy, it is unique and woven into the story. Since this is almost the video game equivalent of a musical.

Faults are...

there are 3 almost unforgivable game-locking glitches. Most can be avoided. However one completely ruins a bonus battle which can never really be completed because of this game freezing glitch. Another if you are not powerful enough to beat the end-boss in 3 turns will mess you up too.

Still, rent this game!

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GF Rating


Good but falls from the first game

posted by josho2113 (LIVERPOOL, NY) Aug 12, 2009

Member since Apr 2006

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I would say that I rather enjoyed this game! the battles are fast paced and full of action and they really make you responsible for wether you die or not. they now have to revatails instead of the one...i dont neccesarily like the change because now you have to choose only 2 fighters. thats one downfall. imo. some people might like that. the story was good and the character involment nice but really doesnt have the heart that the first one did. Them main point dropper for me and what caused this game to not get too high of a scorre was the fact that you can only dive past level 5 with only ONE of the girls. I mean come on they make you choose who you want to be with and you dont even have the chance to get to know the other girls on a decent level. On top of that you get your third revatail kinda late so mmore then likely you already have picked on of the first two.. very annoying. id say the game is still worth playing. so have at it.

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GF Rating


Beautiful, engaging, and addictive.

posted by Kelsaurus (BRANDON, FL) Jan 31, 2009

Member since Jun 2008

10 out of 11 gamers (91%) found this review helpful

Let me start with the cons, some spelling errors, there's some slow-downs, and the game is actually pretty easy. Though much harder than the first one. There's also a game ending bug near the end of the game during a boss fight. This can easily be avoided by beating the boss in 3 turns, using Cloch and around 40 I.P.Ds it can easily be avoided.

Now what makes this game so great, the character development is top notch. You'll learn a lot about each and every main character, especially your reyvateils these are the biggest asset to your team. They are girls who can create song magic to obliterate your foes.
Each of them has a deep past and unique personality. To help them create better song magic you must dive into their psyche (called their chromosphere) and help their inner-self with whatever is troubling them in that world. To enter this world you must talk to the girls individually at save points or at inns. They'll tell you about what they're thinking and their opinions on certain story related events.

Once they feel they can trust you enough they'll allow you to dive. Doing so will not only give you more songs to use in battle, but it'll allow you to learn a lot more about each girl. The only problem is, you can only go so far into two of the three girls. Meaning they'll only allow the person they love to go past level 5 in their chromosphere. Leading the game to several multiple endings allowing for more replayability.

The combat is fast and fun. Battle has you with two main fighters, and two reyvateils. The fighters are charged with defending the girls and powering up their spells during attack phases. You use the directional pad to select the type of attack you do. Each direction aids your reyvetail in battle depending on the situation you may want to use specific attacks over others. Once you think the magic has charged enough you can release it pressing circle unleashing devestating magic.

I'd love to expand, but GF limits me. Get the game.

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