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Above Average

Too difficult for inexperienced adventurer/RPGers

posted by tiloho (OSHKOSH, WI) Dec 23, 2009

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The graphics and dialogue remind me of the riviera series but even as an experienced gamer, it took me a while to find the 1st thing I needed to get the game rolling. I finally got to the the point where I could save and played a little farther before I lost interest. The battles are challenging even if you know what you're doing(and without a tutorial or at least some experience with the genre, you might not). At least your life and magic are replenished whenever you gain a level, but it takes several tough battles to do so. Most of the game play is action/adventure except for the battles. The battles sneak up on you like any other RPG and are turn based. Rather than pointing at the action icons, though, you drag them to the enemy space. I might play it again someday if I can get it in trade but I wouldn't waste my money otherwise.

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posted by Abrandt (FOND DU LAC, WI) Dec 9, 2009

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So, I only played through the first three worlds, but I couldn't play any more.

The good: Creative, visually appealing worlds. Fairy tale spinoffs (I'm a fan of this!). The rune "drawing" feature was fun... until you have to do it 6+ times for a boss battle. Fun character designs. The music is nice.

The bad: Repetitive, drawn-out, random battle system. There's not enough variety for it to be fun... magic spell, doll #1 attack, doll #2 attack, rinse and repeat. Lack of diverse PLAYABLE characters. Story isn't strong enough to motivate boring gameplay.

I give it a 5/10 because, while dull, is still nice to look at and I was hooked in the first world, until I realized all the levels were simply variations on that first world. You play as a young human... witch? I honestly couldn't tell, since I was under the impression the witches were evil and underground to keep them from the human world, yet the main character knows magic, lives in a very "witch" looking town. It just seemed to me like a human wouldn't be learning magic and live in a cutsey nightmare before christmas world.

One of my main problem was the lack of playable characters you can actually interact with. Characters are an important part of a RPG for me, and all of your battle companions are dolls that specialize in an element. From what I could tell, you never get any unique skills for them and they never do anything other than... be attack-dolls. Their magic tends to be variations of your own, so there's not even different attacks to choose from. When you beat a world, you get a sigil from the resident princess that unlocks a new rune magic (which is really just giving one of your already learned elemental magics a more powerful option) and then you can go get a doll that is in the likeness of the princess. Maybe it IS the princess, since she vanishes after you save her. I just found it irritating since there's plenty of fun characters around, they just don't do anything!

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GF Rating


Game can't decide whether it's an RPG or a crawler

posted by Moonshine (LOUISVILLE, KY) Dec 5, 2009

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I'll admit I didn't play that far in the game but I played far enough to get tired of a game that was neither an exceptional RPG or dungeon crawler. There's a lack of focus in the game; the story isn't really strong enough to carry it and the fighting is turn-based and not above-average.

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