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9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors


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GF Rating

Very Good

Wait... WHAT?!

posted by Molechan (BOZEMAN, MT) Feb 23, 2011

Member since Jun 2008

That about sums up my reaction. Don't get me wrong, this is a brilliant game, but so many times I found those two simple words erupting from my lips in a frustrated shriek as one wacky, nonsensical plot twist after another jumped out at me from the screen. You will never know what is going on except that it involves logic puzzle and trying not to blow up.
And what puzzles they are! On the gameplay side it's definitely a mixed bag - while most of the traditional item manipulation puzzles are solvable without a guide most of the math related puzzles really require you to be paying exact attention to everything you're doing and willing to spend hours with teeth grinding trial and error. And if not that then you'll find yourself frittering away whole hours trying to find the right pixel to click on to get the right dialogue to activate the right clue to finally advance the bloody plot - the learning curve here is more of a zig-zag.
On the visual side the game's anime aesthetic is done well, the music at least isn't grating and the cast is just about the most hilarious collection of people I've met this side of an SNL episode, when they're not breaking your heart or getting horribly murdered. Following the struggles of the characters and discovering the multiple possibilities of their fates (six different endings, each one crazier then the last) is actually what got me through the game without throwing my DS across the room in frustration as I entered my equations into the combination lock incorrectly for the tenth time. You WILL use a guide at some point, it's just a question of when. If you can accept this fact and the sometimes over chatty nature of the story (this is a visual novel, not a regular adventure game) then there's definitely a lot to love, especially if you're a mystery or sci-fi fan.

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GF Rating


Excellent Game, not for younger players

posted by KBooBoo (SPANAWAY, WA) Feb 16, 2011

Member since Feb 2011

Great game for older teens and adults, I wouldn't want a 10 year old playing it but over all great game! It's by far one of the best i've played for the DS. It was put together very well, lots of plot twist and to be honest wasn't at all what I was expecting. I went into it as non kid verzion of Prof. Layton which it somewhat is, but throw in "SAW" the movies and kinda "Where's Waldo" lol. Hopefully that kinda clears up somewhat. I didn't find all of the ending (I got 3 of them) but the nice thing is that it shows you the options that you chose before. It reminds me of the chose your own ending books, but with this you can't pre-read the choices before making your decision. Lots of plot twist... and I recommend like another reviewer to play this in a dark silent room. It will add to the awesomeoness....

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