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Very Good

3D Zelda

posted by zargot (BURLINGTON, VT) Aug 23, 2010

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Well as everyone says this game is pretty much Zelda from the nes/snes days. Graphics are very polished despite all the dots, lol. Controls are exactly as a old snes game. Story is pretty lame on purpose and can ofen leave you laughing with the bad puns and jabs at Zelda itself. After 6 or so hours the game seems to start to drag on and gets very repetitive. I actually didnt beat the game but sent it back near the very end. Even with that I say this is a pretty good game and a perfect example of what to rent on gamefly.

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Zelda for PS3

posted by yourdog23 (DENVER, CO) Aug 16, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

This is the closest to a Zelda game I've played on a Sony console, and it's extremely tongue in cheek about that fact. The graphics come across as very complimentary to the nostalgia of 8 bit gaming. Humor abounds through the game, including the fish "sword" and swords that take up HUGE portions of the screen (while you have a full health bar). If you're playing to finish the game, it's a nice romp through the world, with plenty of side missions, including a good tower defense mini-game. If you're playing to get the platinum trophy, expect some extremely difficult and frustrating screaming sessions with the controller and your display. If you know what you're doing, and just wanting to finish the game, you can do it in under 10 hours. Online guides claim 60 for platinum, but I'm guessing it'll take me a bit more than that, which I'm more than happy with (so much so that I decided to buy the game via "Keep It."

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An awesome old-school adventure

posted by cptbatman (SLIPPERY ROCK, PA) Aug 13, 2010

Member since May 2010

this is favorite game currently. 3d dot game heroes oozes style and has very funny dialog that is reminiscent of many games(including newer games from this gen)

the concept is a simple and classic Zelda format with an large map to explore, however some areas are restricted until you have discovered a certain item. you can find these items in the main dungeons that you conquer throughout, which leads to epic boss fights at the end of each.

Theres just too much to this game that can fit into a short review, so in short... i recommend you give this game a try, theres a ton to do, its super fun, there are so many secrets just waiting to be discovered, and the hero creator allows for pretty much anything to be created(as 8-bit versions go)

if you want something a bit different than the usual ps3 games, than this well-realized addictive, epic journey WILL suit your fancy.

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