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25 to Life

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Really Bad

Only a few a worse!!!

posted by JAMMASTERJ (BOULDER CITY, NV) Jul 8, 2006

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This game brought back painful memories of 'The Narc' for me. 25 to Life was horrible. To start off, the storyline was despicable to say the least. Then, for a game that relies mostly on shooting, they did a horrible job developing the aiming system. The bad aim makes the game frustrating and utterly ridiculous to play. As if that were NOT enough, the game gives you long wait times as it loads up less than decent graphics. If you are going to make me wait, you better load up some beautiful graphics. The game also makes the blood and bodies look very unrealistic. I hated this game. I would NOT recommend this to anyone!

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Really Bad

25 To Life (PS2)

posted by Vader101 (SANTEE, CA) Jun 29, 2006

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This game is way bad for theses main reasons:
1. The aiming is horrible. There is no auto aim feature.
2. Lets say you pick up a med kit and die, when you come back that kit will be gone.
3. Guys seem to come out of nowhere.
4. Bad AI (Your rookie cop does not hide/find cover).
5. What is the point of taunt (does nothing).
6. Music is all rap. What no rock loving bad guys (good thing you can turn off the music).
7. Weapons are gone when you die (On one level I had a sniper rifle then I died. When I went back to get the rifle it was a Shotgun instead).

But good for these:
1. It's online.
2. Easy controls.
3. Story's ok.
4. Good weapons (My favorite is the Uzi. It seems to hurt more).
5. You play both the Cops & the Bad Guys in single player.

The only thing I can say about this game is that it could have been better, way better. I would have loved to have seen two versions of the single player game. One for the Cops & one for the Bad Guys. I loved the cops way better. I mean I don't mind that one chapter is bad guy then another chapter is cops then bad then good and so on and so on. I would give this game a 2/10.

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Creator's should get 25 to life

posted by Lembo77 (WATERBURY, CT) Jun 14, 2006

Member since Apr 2006

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I've been a gamer for 26 years, and never have I come across a game so horrible as 25 to life.Bad aming,bad graphics,bad story,BAD GAME...

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