Rent 25 to Life for PS2
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25 to Life

Not Rentable
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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Level 9 "Penthouse" bonuses

Register 16 headshots. Beat 32 enemies.

Level 10 "Prison"bonuses

Finish level. Protect Lazarus. Beat 30 enemies.

Level 11 "Mall" bonuses

Finish level. Break into 5 ATMs.

Level 12 "Hacienda" bonuses

Kill Shaun. Beat 30 enemies. Find 5 secret stashes.

Beatdown bonus level

Finish all twelve levels

Level 3 "Downtown" bonuses

Escape to your getaway car. Break into ATMs (shoot them). Complete level without dying. Beat 25 enemies.

Level 4 "Culdesac" bonuses

Get evidence to Mendoza's car. Keep your partner alive. Apprehend 5 felons. Achieve 20% accuracy.

Level 5 "Club" bonuses

Get to the subway. Apprehend 4 drug dealers. Achieve 25% accuracy. Register 8 headshots.

Level 6 "Subway" bonuses

Trap Shaun in subway train. Free a cop. Achieve 30% accuracy. Beat 24 enemies.

Level 7 "Tijuana" bonuses

Find Riggs at the club. Tag over 4 gang tags. Beat 60 enemies.

Level 8 "Casino" bonuses

Escape with loot. Rob five cash carts. Beat 45 enemies. Register 12 headshots.

Level 1 "Warehouse" bonuses

Get to your car. Take two human shields. Beat 20 enemies.

Level 2 "Apartment" bonuses

Return to your car. Cover up 4 tags. Beat 25 Enemies.