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1080: Avalanche


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Gameplay Controls

1080: Avalanche

Control Stick Left/Right = Steer your boarder to the left or right. Down = Edge the board, causing your boarder to brake. Press down and to the left or right to make sharper turns. (Note: this will cost your boarder some speed.) Up = Give your boarder a quick dash from a stopped position. This is especially helpful at the start of a race.
A Button Jump = Press and hold the A Button to bring up the jump meter. This meter indicates the height of the jump. When you release the A Button, your boarder will jump. For the highest jump, release the button when the meter is full, but be careful not to hold the button down too long, or the meter will reset.
L Button Tuck = Hold down the L Button to make your boarder tuck, gaining you some additional speed in crucial situations. When tucking, your boarder's mobility and maneuverability are drastically reduced. By pressing the L Button just as you land, you can help absorb the shock making for a better landing.
C Stick Control Camera = Tilt the C Stick up to zoom in on your boarder, and tilt down to zoom out. There are three camera angles to choose from. You can also pan the camera to the sides by pressing left or right.

Control Stick Regaining Balance = After a bad landing or after hitting an obstacle, your boarder might be off balance. When this happens, the off-balance meter will appear on-screen. To regain your balance, rotate the Control Stick quickly in the direction indicated by the meter. If the meter turns entirely red, your boarder will lose balance and fall.
L Button Grinding = Use your L Button to grind whenever you come in contact with certain objects such as hand rails, logs, etc. Tilt the Control Stick left and right to maintain your balance while grinding.