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A Mixed Bag of Mini Games

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Jan 15, 2011

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For the record, 101 in 1 Sports Party Megamix does have 101 mini games in it, and if the makers of this game presented it in a much more appealing and creative way, then this could be something special.
But not here; they give us the 101 mini games, lock up all but ten, and force us to unlock the other 91 by beating the unlocked games.
To win a mini game, you must score more than 2000 points and you must score more points than the other players, human and or AI (great if you play it multiplayer, really bad if you play it solo).
Each game is really short, and the controls are oversimplified, so all you have to do is mostly push a button or wave the Wiimote when prompted
Now this wouldn’t be a problem except that after playing 20 games, I got bored of the whole experience. It’s beat a mini game, unlock two more mini games, then play another unlocked mini game, beat that, unlock two more mini games, and play another mini game and…
And some of the games suffer from control issues (like hitting targets with swords or running an obstacle course).
Still, some games are lots of fun to play (namely the shooting and some racing games). And you can unlock mini games in Muliplayer mode as well as in Single Player mode
This makes me think of Warioware: Smooth Moves, and their 200+ micro games. But Warioware had good presentation: it had quirky characters with odd stories that kept my interest. Oh, and Warioware had very few control problems.
This is a perfect game for casual gamers who need something to spice up a party, but hardcore gamers and/or solo players won’t get much joy out of 101 in 1 Sports Party Megamix. RENT IT.

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posted by GamerScott (PRATT, KS) Jan 25, 2011

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some of the games are fun and all its just who wants to go through and unlock all of them? i was hoping to find a fun set of games were i could jump back and forth were pleased. you have to go through and unlock all the games from the first few they give you. turns into more work than anyone realy wants in a game like this.

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posted by gameraddict1 (ORLANDO, FL) Feb 14, 2011

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I thought this game would be alot more fun, but it turned into a total waste of time. I received it on a friday, and by sunday, i was ready to return it.
They only give you a few games to begin with, and you have to beat them in order to unlock more games... 2 at a time.
That's like if GameFly were to make us play the game, rate it, review it, BEAT it, and then return it in order to be able to rent 2 more!
some of the games were easy, where as others were really complicated and they had alot of control issues.
I lasted over 20 minutes trying to score 2000 points on a 1-minute game!
If you wanna entertain a few people for a little while, then go ahead and rent it. Otherwise, save your Game Q spots for games actually WORTH playing.

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